Father of 4, Husband, Marketer & Entrepreneur

The Facebook Ads Guy – UK’s Leading Influencer – International Speaker

Depesh is one the UK’s most prominent Facebook ads experts with a growing international presence. He’s managed over $15 million in profitable global ad spend over the last 5 years for clients in ecommerce, lead generation (digital products) and mobile apps with ROls ranging from the hundreds to the tens of thousands.

He’s also an advisor and advocate for Facebook SMB, supporting Facebook with speaking at external events and internal team days, providing regular feedback on ways Facebook can improve support for small and medium-sized businesses.

He runs his digital nomad agency with a team located around the world, together with a coaching and training programme to help develop marketers on the Facebook platform with clients in the US and UK.

He’s a Dad of 4, Husband, Marketer & Entrepreneur, with his first successful business founded when he was 10 with his best friend running local car washes, to his affiliate marketing business which generated 7 figures in 2012. His experience has been gained in global billion dollar companies through to early-stage startups, having board level experience in VC backed startups.

He started his marketing journey back in 2003 after starting his career as a developer in 1996 and entered the Facebook ads world in 2012 after being burned out by affiliate marketing and SEO.

A few years later he helped rocket Lost My Name (now Wonderbly) from a little-known children’s book publisher to a global sensation with over $25million in global annual sales in an 18 month period via Facebook ads.

Since then he’s worked with companies large and small to scale Facebook ads globally. He also provides startup mentoring/support through Seedcamp and TechStars, regularly blogs online and shares his knowledge on a regular basis back to the marketing community.

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Depesh is one the UK’s most prominent Facebook ads experts with a growing international presence

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