$0-$300k per month in 4 Months with The BPM Method – The BPM Method Success Podcast with Damon Dixon


The BPM Method Success Podcast is a collection of student case studies and wins. Listen in as we discuss their challenges, wins and transformations using The BPM Method training program for Facebook ads.

In this episode we welcomed Damon Dixon.


  • How Damon came to learn about the four funnel system
  • How he started up two stores, and scaled both to seven figures.
  • How he made money during Covid 19
  • His discovery regarding the best way to learn


0:37 – Introduction to Damon
1:53 – How Damon began to make money online
3:02 – How Covid-19 affected Damon’s online business choices
5:35 – What he would say to someone who is in the position he was a few years ago


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Depesh: you said you started off in 2019?

Damon: Yeah, I would say it’s similar to how most people do they want to learn how to make money online. And then I came across dropshipping. I already had an idea about running businesses when I was younger, like I used to sell duct tape wallets. So I always kind of been that entrepreneur to some capacity. But it was just I after a little while of like trying to find people to learn from just through YouTube videos and things like that, I started to realize there’s a disconnect in like business principles, and then just trying to hack the Facebook algorithm. And I went to school, I’m grateful I was able to go to school, so I can kind of weed out who’s false and who’s real to some capacity. So coming across your information, it was kind of a no brainer. And I like I knew right away, okay. They he knows what he’s talking about. These principles make a ton of sense. So then I just started working with I think I got the CBO cookbook, initially. And then I got into the first version of the BPM method, and then the second version released. And then now I’m in elite, so works out amazing.

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