From Broke to 10M+ DTC Ecommerce Cosmetic CEO – The BPM Method Success Podcast with Victor Holst



On The BPM Method Success Podcast we share our student’s latest wins and success stories using The BPM Method training program for Facebook ads.

In this episode we welcomed Victor Holst from Norway.


  • Benefits and challenges of being a CEO
  • Testing phases of Lava Art’s products
  • The reason Victor starting selling his products to the European market first
  • How Victor heard about The BPM Method
  • How The BPM Method and ELITE helped Victor scale to 8 figures


0:27 – Victor’s introduction and background
10:13 – How Victor started his company
15:57 – Difference from 6 to 7 figures to 8 figures
23:12 – What Victor would say to his younger self


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Depesh: How do you feel like just looking back and seeing where you are?

Victor: It’s actually really cool. I mean, the thing is, like, being where I am now, and looking back, I was dreaming about being here, right? So the ability to have economy, the ability to like to be able to go and do whatever you want to have the freedom to work wherever you want. And yeah, I mean, that is actually doesn’t mean something and, and like a little bit quickly about my background story though, like I am not coming from a rich background or like highly educated background. I’m one of those like, shoe shiners that’s found the gold coin or not found a gold coin found the bronze coin, I shined it until it become gold. Like that kind of story. Like when I was younger I literally couldn’t get a job I myself I have ADHD I’m super hyperactive I’m like everywhere at the same time couldn’t have focused enough channel my inner demons I mean, I don’t know what you can call it but struggle to get a job struggle to get anything I had absolutely no income to make my ends meat and so my only choice was to at some point start a business and that didn’t succeed and then I got I you know, telemarketers, I got a job as that. And that’s when I found my forte at an age of 27…

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