20 Ways To Scaling Ecommerce In Q4 – EFT Special


Hello, world.

What a crazy world it is hey?

Last week I hosted a virtual summit.

Why? Because 2020 has been so insane I twice failed to land a face to face Mastermind (first in Italy, then in England).

I then launched an online mastermind, which went well, but I wanted to do more. More for the people out there that want to end 2020 in the best way possible.

I asked my team how we could offer the highest possible value at the lowest possible cost to people?

So in the end I brought 3,400 people into a virtual summit with the wild goal of:

1) Getting 20 top speakers together in a Q&A format where I could ask them questions based on what I want to know

2) Where attendees could listen in LIVE, take notes AND ask questions

3) With each person coming away with (ideally no more than) 3 action points (actions not notes!) from the speakers they wanted to hear from that would help them have the best Q4, ever.

The result?

  • 1300 of the 3,400 joined the private event FB group (38%) where we announced speakers, shared links, shared feedback and takeaways after each session and I personally shared guidance and advice on how to extract the best from each speaker
  • A certain Nick Shackelford broke records in terms of registrations for his event and how many watched live (and boy was it worth it to see inside HIS client Ecom brand Facebook ad accounts!)
  • Rachel Miller brought the highest level of energy and enthusiasm whilst she shared scaling to 7-figures organically using Facebook Pages and her Amazon stores
  • Eric Toz and Nick Peroni surprised most on the simplest steps to take to scale up print on demand or dropship in Q4 (and beyond)
  • 1 speaker missed their LIVE slot – eek!
  • (and there was therefore 1 improvised session from me)
  • 1 speaker with internet issues (fixed quickly)
  • All 19 speakers CRUSHED it
  • 9 amazing people came together to produce and direct
  • 12 late nights fixing tech, process and design stuff
  • 1 amazing logo and website designed in hours
  • Thousands of lives positively impacted

So, whilst I’m planning to write up a FULL blow by blow of how we actually pulled this off, I wanted to let you know the recordings are available!Why would you want them?

Because whether you use them now in Q4 or in 2021 I was totally shocked at how much each speaker shared and the leverage it gave those that attended live.

We’ve put every single recording into our online portal (on Kajabi), together with links, cheatsheets, book recommendations and my own cliff notes from the event.

In fact here’s exactly what we pulled in so you get to see exactly how much we put together in these 20 records packed full of 20+ hours of knowledge share you’ll use time and time again.

See something there you like? If you’re following me, I know you will.

These are handpicked experts from my personal network, that I trust and genuinely wanted to learn from (and I did!)

Come and super power your business for Q4:http://bit.ly/q4eft-replay

Let’s make Q4 even greater than ever before!
In fact I spoke to my ELITE Mastermind students today on how Q4 CPMs will rise, as usual on Facebook BUT this Q4 will see the most active buyers we’ve ever seen so there’s definitely gold to be found – the question is whether you’ve brought the right shovels! πŸ’°

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