2021 Black Friday Facebook Ads E-commerce Survival Guide

During Black Friday sales, many businesses suffer from Facebook Ads Ecommerce Marketing.

No one is immune, regardless of how skilled or experienced they are. No problem. We developed tips to help capture the things that can go wrong with Facebook advertisements and what to do about them. For starters, don’t launch a brand new account the week before expecting to scale up heavily on Black Friday!

Use an account with a solid history on it. If you want to scale quickly, some people propose maxing out your spending, putting it in review mode, sending them what they need, and then removing the caps. You may not have time to do this before Facebook, but holiday sales will continue beyond that – spend caps can vary by location, but in most situations, they are roughly $5K each month before you need to contact Facebook to get them raised.

Don’t get your account blocked by Facebook. Even experts sometimes forget the basics, so here’s a reminder!

Make sure you don’t have a history of too many disapproved advertising before pushing the envelope to get additional ads accepted on Black Friday.

When considering whether or not to sign off on your next ad, Facebook takes these into account, just like they do with authorized advertising.

If you have more disapprovals than approvals, your prospects are much lower.

I track all of my accounts with Supermetrics in Google Sheets.

However, I’ll keep my Ads Manager screens up throughout the day to keep a closer eye on my spending, and I’ll hit the small refresh icon every now and again.

Check-in frequently, especially if you’re scaling.

Don’t start employing rules and automation and expect to learn as you go as Black Friday approaches. Instead of using automation and procedures, do things manually and concentrate on sales, optimization, and growth.

Digital creative that engages audiences is not only more pleasant for people, but it is also better for businesses.

Given the various factors to consider, it can be tough to comprehend exactly what makes high-quality ads that resonate and how to recreate their effectiveness during Black Friday.

To do this, test ads in advance and know which are working.

You’re usually looking to mimic your typical environment in the most cost-effective way possible, so you’ll have to make decisions regarding the scope and execution that either improve the results’ dependability or lower the cost or time necessary to execute the test.

A backup creative can also come in handy.


They say when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Well, that’s true when it comes to running Facebook ads.

Here are some of the things to take note of:


If you’ve ever tried to scale your ad campaigns, you’ve probably noticed that the performance swings as your budgets are increased.

Does this ring a bell? The good news is that scaling Facebook ads without sacrificing performance on Black Friday is possible.

Have your strategy at hand. My preferred scaling tactics include duplicating to a bigger budget, manual bidding, and segmentation, but nothing beats a strong Advertising Core-4 – making sure your Product, Audience, Offer, and Funnel are in tip-top shape to feed Facebook juicy data.

Consider faster delivery if you’re implementing a manual bid. If an ad set’s performance is out of this world (in a good way).

However, be aware that rapid delivery instructs Facebook to spend your money as quickly as possible (rather than metering it throughout the day), so exercise caution when and when you utilize it — it’s a highly complex strategy.


I hope this has provided you with a wealth of knowledge and insider tips to help your business survive the Black Friday Facebook Ads onslaught.

Also, can you keep a secret?  Twelve months ago I started writing an iOS14 guide, I spoke to industry peers, published the guide far and wide, and talked widely about what to do. I could have charged money for it all, but I didn’t because this impacted the very ability to advertise.

More than just having a good product, or audience or offer or funnel or budget, get the tracking and attribution wrong and you may as well drop $ on the slot machines.

So I spent the last 4 weeks putting all the advice and best practice and use cases into training videos to show that:
a) this stuff is all easy to implement, for anyone
b) you don’t need monthly fee software (my solution simply uses the free Google Analytics tool together with your own ad account)
c) you can still build winning strategies with Facebook once you’ve sorted out a few of these more ‘technical’ things to make better tactical decisions
d) this also works with other advertising platforms…
Because I realised the problem was bigger – you need the videos and step-by-step guidance to save your (or your clients’) business from failing with ads.

So… want in? Get access here. 

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