9 Takeaways to STORM Your Ecommerce Campaigns via Facebook Ads – Affiliate World Bangkok

Oh man, I absolutely loved this event. I even got to dress up!

This talk is taken from Affiliate World Asia Bangkok, December 2018 and still remains relevant today.

My talk went down pretty well too – voted 3rd best from around 15 or so speakers.

Enjoy and feel free to leave your thoughts below in the comments.






0:30 Why I’m dressed as a chef
7:27 Marketing ingredients and cooking up a great campaign dish
9:20 Why Facebook is still as strong as ever
11:28 #1 Navigate or Die
15:36 #2 Scale Global
18:00 #3 The 4-Funnel System (Start Dating)
20:50 #4 3N Ads Formula
24:31 #5 Graduation Testing
29:26 #6 Keep The Aisles Clear
33:28 #7 Ads Sniper
35:28 #8 The Reverse Sales Funnel
38:08 #9 Delight Your Customers
42:07 Closing Q&A

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