An 8-figure Facebook Ads Empire with Cat Howell & Depesh Mandalia

Cat Howell helps businesses and entrepreneurs find success through Facebook ads, having built and scaled a highly successful FB ads agency and an amazing tribe of freelancers and agency owners that she has helped to follow in her footsteps creating a highly profitable 8-figure business.

Top Questions:

  • How do you get people to understand that they do need to invest in themselves?
  • How do you keep up to date? And what do you think’s going to happen in the next three months in Q4, essentially?
  • What’s been your kind of proudest achievement of what you what you’ve done so far?
  • As an influencer you share a bunch of things but how do you actually make the time for the learning side of what you want to do as well?
  • What is one thing that you really enjoy about Facebook ads?



An interesting conversation Cat and I had:

Cat: So the reason I think that some people know who I am in the space is probably the thing I’m most notorious for, which is an exceptionally high frequency of my Facebook ads. So it’s like, you touched my funnel once and you’re pretty much f*ck*d. And I do apologise to everyone on this call right now if I’m stalking you online, but that is the current situation.

Depesh: But it works. I mean, this is something which I find quite fascinating is a lot of people just absolutely focused on the wrong metrics. Like they’re worried about CPM, relevance score, frequency and stuff like that. But you’re doing it because on some level it’s working right?

Cat: Yeah. And I will be very, very, very honest with you Depesh, you know how they say the builders house is always the worst one on the block? Like, we literally have an ad set that’s targeting page fans and we just rotate the content through, and we shift a shit ton of budget through it. It’s actually very lazy marketing, but it’s very f***ing effective!


2:46 Cat introduction
13:23 Getting people to understand that they do need to invest in themselves
17:09 Keeping up to date with changes in Facebook Ads
23:44 Cat Howell on her proudest achievement
29:32 What she is currently working on
38:34 The balance of sharing knowledge and learning new things
39:49 One thing that Cat really enjoys about Facebook ads
44:46 Q&A Segment

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