Isn’t It Time You Gained Predictable Stability?

Dear fellow Facebook marketer,

Anyone can run Facebook ads right now. In fact the latest estimate puts 7 million advertisers on the platform.

All it takes is to create a Page and attach an ad account to become a Facebook advertiser.

But, simply spending money on Facebook isn’t enough.

Unless you’re making money than you put in somewhere down the line, you might as well put that money into a slot machine.

Gambling is how many run their ad accounts.

Did you know the largest Facebook ads support community only has a little over 100,000 people?

100,000 into 7,000,000 is 1.4% – that is, 1.4% of all ‘Facebook advertisers’ are actively looking for help.

Of those, the seriously good advertisers are in the thousands but lets say 20% really understand and know what they’re doing.

That’s around 20,000 Facebook advertisers  that know how to make the platform work (and  that’s being generous too).

What is it that the minority are doing right that the majority just can’t figure out?

The clue is in the term ‘Facebook advertising‘.

Having audited many hundreds of ad accounts I can boil down the biggest problems into a few simple bullet points;

  • Lack of product-level research and market testing
  • No clear understanding of their audience
  • Selling the sausage instead of  the sizzle
  • A poor sales funnel

What I’m sharing here might surprise you.

You might already know, but you haven’t heard it being said. You probably won’t agree.

A big change is happening with Facebook.

Too many are not ready for it.  Those that are, have already started adjusting.

I fear you won’t be ready.

Facebook is getting simpler.

And Facebook wants YOU to get simpler too.

That’s the cold, hard truth.

Don’t believe me? That’s fine, I’m not here to convince you.

This is a warning and advice.

And to show you evidence to get you ready.

Then for you to choose the right path for you.

Facebook ads STILL work

You’re reading this because Facebook ads is important to your business, just like it is for mine.

Love them or hate them, Facebook ads work and we need Facebook.

All this talk of shifting budgets away – they can go ahead, they’ll suffer, not Facebook.

Not yet anyway.

Facebook still has a long runway before it becomes  less viable for us as a lucrative ads platform.

You want to succeed as much as I do and as much as others do.

Businesses at risks, livelihoods impacted.

In fact you might already be successful – it doesn’t matter where you are right now.

Because change is coming. It’s getting simpler.

The biggest impact? Less time on the ads platform.

And more time on needle shifting growth.

That’s what Facebook are pushing us towards.

This is a GOOD thing.

The signs are already there;

  • Power5 – Facebook suggesting that broader audiences, advanced tracking and letting their machine intelligence decide ads to serve is better for us
  • CBO – Facebook shifting budgets from ad sets to campaigns, letting their machine intelligence decide which audiences to serve ads to
  • Machine Intelligence – Facebook using data from your website and from other websites your audience follows to understand your niche and match customers, letting their machine learning decide the best users to target

I could go on but this is just the start.

Facebook advertising is not about Facebook.


A short story on advertising

You can advertise a product or service.

When you believe it’s ready.

And you know who you’re targeting.

And how to communicate with them.

Then you’re ready to send them into your sales funnel.

But fast-money has caused the majority to skip some of these steps.

This is when Facebook advertising fails you.

Failing to stabilise. Failing to scale.

If you’re ready to shift your thinking you’re ready to rapidly rise

Are your ad campaigns doing ‘ok’ but you just can’t figure out the formula to make them GREAT?

Are your ad campaigns doing ‘great’ but you’re struggling with CONSISTENCY?

Have you found consistency but not yet able to squeeze PROFITABILITY?

Or you have all of that but just can’t find the right trigger to SCALE?

Back in 2012 when I started with Facebook ads I approached it all wrong.

And I paid for it.

I lost thousands in ad spend and countless days making losses.

The worst part is not knowing why or where you’re going wrong.

The game changed in 2018

In 2017 Facebook released CBO – Campaign Budget Optimisation.

It is the biggest campaign management shift of 2020.

Because in that 3 year period Facebook adapted their ad platform.

Machine over man.

Think about it – how many software tools exist to manage Facebook ads?

Tools to create ads, report on performance, automate tasks and rules, to scale, generate creatives…

These are tools we pay for, or Facebook incorporate to save us time.

And to do things better than we do.

In 2020 the machines are on our side.

They’re freeing us up.

If  you read between the lines.

Time less spent in ads manager is time more spent on business growth.

I was able to expand from running my agency, to creating training programs and events to launching Ecom stores whilst spending less time in ads manager.

If you’re still letting Ads Manager own your time it’s only going to get worse.

Prepare with plans or prepare for failure.

Me and my team put far more time and effort into setup than most.

Our results  pay off.

Machines are more predictable, consistent and reliable.

Are you ready to let go of control?

I wasn’t. Not when CBO first came out.

I spent 3 months ignoring CBO.

Then 3 months testing CBO. And hating it  some more.

Then old school ad set optimisations and scaling failed me.

What was going on? Why was it failing?

I  didn’t realise it but Facebook was getting us ready.

By the time Facebook announced CBO would become mandatory in September 2019.

We’d cracked it 12 months before.

Millions in ad spend. Months in time.

We generated one of the biggest scaling case studies ever.

21 times return on ad spend in a single month generating $7.1M in sales.

All through CBO. And letting the machines do the work for us.

We’d discovered the secret to machine-based success.

On removing us from decision making.

Letting the machines decide for us.

I discovered CBO was part of a bigger shift

Where I went wrong with CBO is where you are also not yet getting the absolute best from it.

CBO is part of a system, not standalone.

It is NOT simply being able to shift budgets at campaign level instead of ad set.

That thinking is what’s holding most back.

Change is coming, do you want to adapt now?

Before you have to?

Or wait until you have no choice.

I didn’t want to be a slave  to the  system.

So I chose to work with the system.

To tame and use CBO.

Ask the wrong question, receive the wrong direction

Don’t you want to get ahead?

To bypass the learning of Facebook’s new systems?

To speed up  your success?

Time to stop thinking small.

There’s still a HUGE opportunity with Facebook ads.

I love seeing others succeed – but it took me 5 years of success to decide to share with others.

It’s because there’s a problem right now.

What got me started on this problem solving mission was the uneven success from a few people.

And the lack of ability  from Facebook to help more people.

So I bridged the gap.

With my agency, my info product business and Ecom stores, I test 24/7.

In fact we’ve invested millions of dollars on CBO with many clients and niches already.

Facebook is getting simpler.

Now don’t be mistaken like many others – simple does not mean easy.

Facebook ads is NOT getting easier.

But it’s becoming simpler to setup, to run and to profit from.

This is where Facebook is going, right now.

This is how we manage ad accounts.

Spending less time, doing more. Making more.

Less time in ads manager, in optimising, in hacking,

More time in creating offers, creatives, angles and testing funnels.

I compressed ALL of my knowledge into a training guide

As with all my training material, it started off  as a guide for my team.

And it still is.

Now it’s something consumed by over 1000 Facebook advertisers.

They’re already getting ahead. Sharing their success stories.

The difference is


Imagine for a second, spending LESS time in your Facebook ad account.


Isn’t the goal of Facebook advertising, to simply match a great ad, which hits the right chord, with the right prospect at the right time, to get them into your funnel?

(hint, say yes!)

Why do so many get this wrong? Or, simply fail to get out of the technicalities of advertising with Facebook and spend more time actually generating leads and sales.

Think  about this – you don’t generate the revenue on  Facebook  – that occurs later, through your site.

So why do we spend so much  time on the ad platform and not enough on the sales platform? (eg Shopify, Clickfunnels,  Kartra, Woocommerce etc)

I found the key to reduced stress and anxiety with Facebook was by simplifying what I did on the platform and as far as I could, giving Facebook what it wants:


For that, Facebook give you the best users and lowest costs.

I can’t break it down more simply than this.


So you’re either running ads for yourself, or for someone else’s business.

Whilst you’re servicing clients or customers, who’s in your corner? Facebook?

As someone privileged to work intimately close with Facebook, I know first-hand  how much strain they’re under internally.

In fact this is why I went from being successful and unknown behind the scenes, to sharing my message with you.

Facebook just cannot do it alone.

Every new product they release, like Stories or Split Testing, requires people like me, in the weeds every day overseeing $1M monthly budgets to stress test them AND communicate how best to use the tools as part of a growth system that makes sense to marketers  like you.

Are you going to learn  from a Product Manager or Account Manager based on theory?

Possibly not.

So you either have to invest time and money to learn this yourself. Or you find a way to fast-track and skip the queue.


It’s true right? Why are we running Facebook ads? Like really; why?

I don’t do it just because I can make make a  good return, but because that return is spun into something else.

Take my own Ecom stores. I run them because I love to experiment and as we create wins, my team spins the profits back in to more products and eventually into more stores.

But of course, I take profits out and  generate a different type  of return – return on happiness. My family are my big why beyond everything else.

What’s yours?


I for one am always looking for efficiencies, whether it’s delegating low-impact tasks to my assistants, increasing my redundancy in the business (i.e. making the business less reliant on me) or using tech to solve people problems (such as using Asana to  help better track and prioritise tasks).

I believe Facebook have created an ads platform that is TOO complex for the majority – this  is not me saying I’m better than you either, very far from it. In fact my team, my community and others often find new features before  I do and I’m like ‘oh cool, that’s useful’.

But do you want to know a secret?

I focus on impact.

If a new tool or widget is not going to create more impact I’m not interested.

I’ll leave the nerds to fight it out  on who knows more about the ads platform. That is not my fight.

Back in 2017 Facebook released CBO – Campaign Budget Optimisation, alongside other things. For 3 months I ignored it. Then for 3 months I hated it – why? Because it seemed to much effort to test this new tool out when I had so many other things to concern myself with and I had no idea whether it was another false dawn or a serious update from Facebook.

Then middle of 2018, I decided to take it more seriously.


We’re in choppy waters with Facebook advertising – this isn’t a scare tactic, it’s straight up truth. Just look at the Facebook groups to see what most people are talking about. Account and ad bans, unpredictable performance and businesses leaving Facebook for other platforms.

Facebook introduced CBO in 2017, to simplify budget management.

So, instead of setting $50 per day budgets in 5 ad sets, we can now set $250 at the campaign level, letting Facebook decide which ad sets get our budget – our business flourishes, the end.

Thanks for reading. Wait, what? No, that’s not it. That’s very far from being it..

Why have some had huge success with CBO and others are failing or worse still, sticking their head in the sand on CBO?

The truth is… complicated

You see, I’ve become a bit of a CBO geek (not to be confused with  C BD!) – back in 2017 when Facebook introduced it (CBO that is), as with any new product Facebook release, I took it with a pinch of salt – back then it was optional – set your budgets at campaign level OR ad sets.

Well ad set budgets were doing pretty fine for me and whilst I did some CBO testing in 2018, I saw no reason to shift. THEN Q4 happened – the time of the year (last quarter of the year from October through to  December). I needed to scale campaigns faster and more efficiently.

This was around August/September 2018 and I had 4-5 major Ecommerce brands and 2 info product/lead gen businesses I wanted to push for more efficient scaling.

By this point, traditional scaling strategies I’d used, such as duplicating ad sets, or increasing budgets or segmenting audiences and cutting out bad segments and scaling good segments seemed less reliable. 

Facebook was making changes in the background which impacted lots of advertisers.

Then some magic happened – in September we started seeing more stability in our CBO campaigns than traditional ABO (ad set budgets). By the end of October, we were increasing budgets more aggressively in our CBOs – by November some were running $5k/d campaign-level budgets, others $10k/d. 

The crazy thing was, we took a risk to increase budgets more aggressively, in some cases simply going from $1k/d to $2k/d and higher – and CBO maintained stable performance!

But surely this was just Q4 right?

Early 2019, we continued testing CBO and went one-step further, in some ad accounts adopting a CBO only approach and continued seeing great results.

By the time Facebook made the announcement mid 2019 that ABO was going to be made redundant, and CBO was to the only method of setting budgets, we were already huge advocates.

What made us shift from ‘not interested’ to ‘in a relationship’ with CBO?

Why am I, probably, the world’s leading CBO advocate? (outside of Facebook)

We discovered the ingredients of consistent CBO success

There’s a reason I often talk about ingredients, recipes and methods. I wanted to be a chef as a younger person – in fact I’m pretty good in the kitchen, but more of a side hustle now than a career.

I recently figured out the link between my love of cooking and success as a marketer and entrepreneur – experimentation!

I love taking cooking recipes and testing different techniques out; like pasta, which I discovered by chance, that pouring olive oil over it once it’s ‘al dente’ and drained of water, not only helped keep the pasta apart but added an amazing aroma and taste to it too. 

It’s the same way I’ve had success with SEO, paid search, email, TV, print and more – taking existing ‘recipes’ and experimenting.

I invested millions into paid search way before I started with Facebook ads (which was around 2012) and by  then had already learned so much about marketing and advertising, via mentors, events, books, forums… back in 2012 though there wasn’t anywhere near the level of knowledge  on Facebook that there is now.

When CBO first landed in 2017, there wasn’t enough in the way of recipes to figure it out. 

But one case study triggered our amazing success which took us from experimenting with $50-100 per day CBOs to scaling to $10K/d CBOs.

It seemed we had the recipe figured out, but just couldn’t nail the ingredients.

So what is it that makes CBO so powerful?

CBO success lays in the ingredients, not the recipe

It took us some time to figure this part out. The crazy thing is it sounds obvious now – the best audiences and the best ads make CBO work 1000 times better than dumping in ads and audiences and ‘letting the algorithm figure it out’.

In order to get this working on multiple ad accounts with millions of dollars of spend, we need to find a way of systemising this.

Here’s what we found:

      1. Be patient. CBO needs time to mature and when configured in the right way, will give you fantastic returns
      1. Let it learn. There’s a specific configuration of ad sets and ads that allows CBOs to flourish – once I figured this out we brought consistency to the game.
      1. Use the best ingredients. Pre-testing ads and audiences in a specific way enabled us to find better stability and performance
      1. Know your prospects. Building avatars and ad angles using our 5W Avatar method were crucial to building profitability from the start.
      1. Use rules sparingly. Automation and rules are a hot topic – but just like Little Red Riding Hood said “don’t overuse or undercook your rules!” – or something like that,  if you want consistent results
      1. Scale CBO intelligently. Scaling CBOs using traditional ABO scaling techniques work, with some adaptation. Scaling with profitability comes once you’ve layered on the right foundations.
    1. Build funnels. Whilst CBO works better with larger audiences, we cracked the technique for combining CBO with ever-lasting creatives so our WARM and HOT (middle and lower funnel) campaigns require even less maintenance – saving us more time for testing, analysis and creative work. 


So whilst we were able to create more sustainable profitability with CBO, the secondary but important outcome was less time micro-optimising like we would with ABO.

Less time worrying and stressing, channeling more energy into other areas of growth, such as different channels, email  marketing, our funnels and offers.

The time saved is crucial because I’m a firm believer in spending more time on the creatives, angles and funnel, rather than the data hacking of the algorithm.

For me, Facebook is a platform to generate awareness and traffic. How I get that traffic, the quality of that traffic and how I then funnel that traffic through my funnel define my success.


Thousands have already cracked the code – get there before your competitors do.

I’ve lifted the lid on exactly  how we’ve managed to successfully invest millions of dollars into CBO profitably, spending less time managing budgets and optimisations and more time on offers and funnels.

Why  would  I offer this to you?

Here’s the deal – I run a business which helps clients scale from 7 to 8-figures with their Ecom or Info Product business. I also am a  big advocate of the Facebook ads platform and  agreed to a personal mission with a  senior VP at Facebook which for my end of the bargain, pushes me to plug  the gap between you and Facebook.

So I create training to do exactly that – plug the gap.

I invest in learning, in applying, in making mistakes and refining for me, my team, my clients and for you.

It’s a win:win all around – my clients get amazing results,  my own projects too,  my  team receive the playbooks  and recipes and I publish them for you,  too.


Clients invest significant sums for my agency to implement this as part of our Facebook ads growth services. We reject 8 out of 10 enquiries we receive.

Many potential clients don’t realise that hiring an agency is NOT a solution for them.

We look at businesses and see how far down the scaling road they are. Many are not ready.

Want Facebook ads to scale but you haven’t built the foundations? Going to be costly.

Either because you’ll hire a premium agency to do the basics, or you’ll hire someone under qualified (i.e. CHEAP) to do the basics and they’ll fail – fail you and your business.

This is why I’ve put together everything – EVERYTHING – I know about  CBO, how to test, prospect,  scale and more into this training guide.

Want to work with my team to implement this? Minimum $3800 to set up your strategy doc and implementation guide. Want to get me to implement this stuff? (hint: it’s an overkill so I wouldn’t even quote it!).

Here’s the deal – what if I could give you a no-brainer offer, to implement a game-changing system into your ad account right now aimed to bring you significant results within 30 days.

But, this isn’t for everyone.

  • If you’re after get-rich ‘lambo’ and ‘dollar bills yo’ junk, this isn’t for you
  • If you’re after low to no effort results, this won’t be right for you
  • If you don’t have a product or service that’s run ads already, this is a level too high

“It’s f*****g sick – Really good job bro, you’re changing the game, nobody is talking about this shit” B. Malol

I’ve created this training program in a way I feel can reach and impact even more people.

In 2018 I launched a typical video based training program – but I found that with a global audience, many struggled to understand my London accent. They wanted more written material.

So this time I made it ALL written  – and created an even easier way to learn and implement, fast:

  • All the background information on CBO that I learned from Facebook and through application, failure and success
  • Instructions split into a set of ‘Recipes’ with step by step ‘Methods’ and a list of ‘Ingredients’ so you know what to prep and how to blend them
  • A quick-reference content guide so you can jump straight into what you need – because this will be  a companion you’ll refer back to again and again
  • 80+ pages of information, insight and reference guide
  • Available in readable ebook format and available for you to print and annotate
  • Beginner to advanced training, as long as you have some experience of Facebook ads

“After studying the techniques and strategies Chef Depesh outlines, I know I’ll be hitting 5 figure days consistently this Q4.” –  G. Rahhal

But, I want to sweeten this even more for you with these additional offers to:

  • Live Q&A Recording (90 minutes) covering most of the questions you’re likely to ask
  • Full Transcript of the recording so you can find the exact question and find the exact answer
  • Flow diagrams to illustrate how to build  your foundations

“Thankfully Depesh has just released the best available guide on how to launch, run and scale CBO campaigns… ”
S. Bendida

I’ve painstakingly put this together, the ebook, the Q&A video and transcript, diagrams, recipes and more with a huge goal of global impact.

I want everyone – you – to get better, consistent results with Facebook ads.

I firmly believe CBO is a huge enabler.

My agency’s expensive, because we’re elite at what we do. I know many can’t afford us.

So I dropped this down to a value I believe makes it accessible to more people and still interesting enough for us to offer.

Just $197, that’s all you need to invest today.

In exchange for:

  • millions of dollars worth of ad testing in Ecom and Info Products/Lead Gen

  • over 300 days of continuous testing, failure, learnings and success

  • countless hours of insights and meetings with Facebook

  • a 90-minute live Q&A and transcript

Ready to take that first step?


  1. Head on over here:THE ULTIMATE CBO COOKBOOK
  2. Go ahead and sign up
  3. Sign in to the members area
  4. Read, watch, implement, learn and profit

The true value, the results we’ve had, that others  have had and you can have put this at 10, if not 100s of times higher than what I’m asking for today.

Just $197.


To your unrivalled success,


p.s. here’s a snapshot of the Contents so you see exactly what you’re getting in the ebook training guide:

PART 1: A Deep-Dive Into CBO

Scaling To $8M Using Structured Ad Sets

The CBO Engine Uncovered

Hack The CBO Algorithm

CBO Will Save You Time & Money

Facebook Wants A Long Term Relationship – But It’s Not Complicated.

Key Takeaways

PART 2: The GT-CBO Scaling Strategy

Priming CBO Via Testing

The GT-CBO Method

PART 3: CBO Recipes For Every Occasion

Recipe 1: CBO Testing

Recipe 2: CBO Prospecting

Recipe 3: CBO Scaling Recipes

Chef Depesh’s Special Scaling Recipe

Scale Recipe 1: V-Scale

Scale Recipe 2: Nitro V-Scale

Scale Recipe 3: H-Scale Split

Scale Recipe 4: H-Scale Budget

Scale Recipe 5: M-Scale

Recipe 4: CBO with Small, High Intent Audiences

Recipe 5: DCO INFINITY RETARGETING (never revealed outside our agency!)


The BPM Method


5W Avatar

3N Ads Formula

Graduation Testing

Graduation Framework

4-Funnel System

FAQs – Curated From Facebook

About Campaign Budget Optimization

Turning On Campaign Budget Optimization

Spend Limits

Bid Strategies


Ad Scheduling


Split Testing

Learning Phase



This document includes insights from millions in ad spend, thousands of hours of testing, failure and wins and weeks of production together with a review cycle of 15 Facebook marketers at all levels;  some as existing students of mine and others that have not followed my previous trainings.

ALL were thrilled at what we’d accomplished and were keen to get started right away.

As this eBook contains knowledge and intellectual property that my agency have

held on tightly to for over a year, so NO REFUNDS ARE OFFERED.

Once you’ve gained access, that knowledge cannot be returned.

Please do not purchase this guide if you do not agree with this.

I’ve run over $25M in ad spend, scaled up multiple businesses to 8-figures and run an agency which specialises in shifting businesses from 7 to 8 figures.

There’s not much i’ve not achieved with Facebook ads and I want to share that with you.

If you have any other questions, address them to


Don’t forget CBO becomes the only way of managing your Facebook ads campaigns very soon – invest in your learning NOW ahead of your competitors. Bypass the learning and failure stage and jump straight into success.