Facebook Ads “Dropshipping Millions” with Ben Malol & Depesh Mandalia

Ben Malol is often referred to as one of the top Facebook marketers in the world. He has generated millions of dollars using Facebook Ads for his own e-commerce store and affiliate partners. He has been able to do this by mastering the art of the advanced targeting features the social media platform has to offer. Ben is also very well known for consulting various other multi-million dollar companies on their Facebook Advertising.

Highlight Questions:

  • How long did it take you to transition from Drop Shipping to creating your own brand?
  • Any tips on how you can find trends in the e-commerce drop shipping model?
  • In terms of Facebook and Ecom, which came first? Did you start with e-commerce and then come into Facebook?
  • Are you able to share your first winning product and what it was?
  • Are there any other any tips you can share with people that don’t have a lot of money to spend on their Facebook ads campaigns?





Ben: Most of the money in businesses is made on the back end. So there’s another Golden Nugget that you guys should take is to focus at least 70% to 80% of your actual marketing tactics into the back end funnel and into the email marketing. Because this is something I see a lot of and have heard this countless of times as well- it’s easier to sell to the same customer twice than to acquire two new customers. And at the end of the day, it’s the same money. So it’s not trying to acquire new customers- try to sell the same customer twice, because that’s easier and it’s worth more.

Depesh: That absolutely is gold dust, so I’m glad that you actually talked that through. Because this is one of the things I talked about, like people come into Q4 and they say, you know, CPM’s are going up and I’m going to struggle etc, etc. Who cares what the CPM’s are… if you’ve got a proper funnel built out. This is the difference between trying to build a business from Facebook and trying to make money- they can be two different things. And that’s something which I would try and press home to people is if you are trying to play with fast moving consumer goods, goods that are $50 and below maybe even hundred dollars and below. And you’re playing in competitive niches. Think about trying to break even, potentially making a loss, but then make that money back quickly through post purchase, through lifetime value- email, call, messenger, and also post purchase Facebook ads as well. I think that’s massively missed opportunities, which you know, once someone’s purchased, then think about how they can push more ads to them, because the cost will be lower to convert because the conversion will be higher, they already know about you. You don’t need to explain branded product, you just need to sell a decent product.


1:41 Ben introduction
4:07 The brand of Ben Malol
9:20 His transition from Drop Shipping to creating his own brand
16:39 Ben’s first success on Shopify
14:31 Tips on how to find trends in the e-commerce drop shipping model
25:01 Tips for people that don’t have a lot of money to spend on their Facebook ads campaigns
29:55 Ben’s thoughts on being titled ‘The King of Manual Bidding’
38:21 Q&A Segment

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