Ecommerce Fast Track Virtual Summit

Over the years, as I attended and spoke at many events I wondered what it might look like to run my own event.

Well thanks to 2020 I can’t travel so I can’t set up a public event.

So I thought, what if I set up a virtual event? A virtual summit!

The idea came a few months back and I thought it would be cool to get 6-8 speakers on a single day talking about Q4 and Ecommerce.

So I reached out to 6-8 of them. A few answered….

I waited a few days….


Then I reached out to another 8-10 thinking:

a) people are busy

b) they’re probably not going to want to speak at MY event

Then something unexpected happened.

Before I knew it, I had over TWENTY people in my close networking saying YES!

Yes, they’d love to speak! They didn’t even ask for the details…

Well I had to cap it, at 20, and I also made a decision on what I really wanted from the event based on what I would want as an attendee:

1) It has to be accessible to everyone wherever they are

2) We need to somehow include a ‘networking’ element as that’s arguably the most important part of an in-person event

3) People need to be able to pick and choose their path and what they attend

4) The format has to be based on how I can get the speakers to share the most direct, immediately useful advice

5) All the speakers need to be HEADLINERS. That means no ‘filler’ speakers speaking just to make up the numbers.

And this is what I managed to put together, I’m sure you’ll like it:

1. We’ll be LIVE streaming the talks from 28th September 2020 over a period of a week (so you don’t have to take entire day’s off work/life to attend), for FREE!

2. Those that sign up get access to a private Facebook group to connect with other attendees, share notes, ideas and to create new friendships

3. Once signed up, each attendee will be given a link to join as few, or as many of the talks you wish

4. I will personally host each speaker in a Q&A format, with the potential for attendees to ask questions (depending on demand/time available, we’ll pick the best). This way you don’t need to sit in on a 1-way talk, but instead listen in to TWO experts in each and every session.

5. Each of the speakers are hand-picked from my personal network – no applications, no ego-based case studies or high level mumbo jumbo that doesn’t apply to many people. I will personally be asking the questions to each speaker to obtain as many golden nuggets of advice that I can.


The Ecommerce Fast-Track Virtual Summit is now live!

The speaker line-up would put some major events to shame…. and I imagine event organisers around the world will look on at envy on how we’re able to attract some of the best speakers to share their best tactics and strategies with you at no cost to you.

That’s over $20k of consulting time they’re giving up, at no cost.

And over a billion $ in sales revenue to learn from, at no cost to you.

Sign up free here:

This is going to be THE most ambitious and most exciting project I will land this year.

Will you be a part of it?


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