Simple 4-Word Facebook Ads Dropshipping Strategy For Consistent Profitability

Listen in to this interview with Ilaria De Virgiliis from Yakkyofy. On the call we discussed my 4-word Facebook Ads Dropshipping Strategy and how store owners can simplify their approach to finding products and building magnetic marketing to attract the best prospects into their funnel.


Top Questions

  • What does your evergreen 4-word Facebook Ads Dropshipping consist of?
  • Do you have any advice on how to research an audience?
  • What are some tips for scaling with Facebook Ads?
  • Are there any other marketing channels, apart from Facebook that you would recommend?
  • What do you think is going to happen to drop shipping in 2021?


7:01     My past experience in Facebook Ads
15:57  My Dropshipping journey
18:49  4-word Facebook Ads Dropshipping Strategy
37:25  Facebook Lookalike Audiences
53:37  Some thoughts on Dynamic ads
59:16  An ios14 update and what Ecom stores need to do right now

Here’s a short excerpt for you to check out!

Ilaria: Well, let’s go to the Q&A session now. We have quite a few questions. So let’s start. The first one is from Ricardo, how do you test a new creative?

: So the way we do our testing is, first of all, we we’ve got three stages of testing, the first stage is “can I find audiences that this creative and this ad works for”. So when I talked previously about building an avatar, we have our angles, we go through a copywriting process to write some different copy for the different angles. And then we create some static images first, related to that angle. So for example, if I was using the LED dog collar as an example, I would write three different versions of copy based on you know, saving your dog’s life, then I would probably select three, maybe five different images to test, I would pull out one copy and test those images, find the image that’s working well with that copy, then I take the winning creatives. Now go to copy version two, and test them again and copy version three and test them again. So step by step, I’m finding which combination of copy and creative is working, then once I’ve got an idea, then if I’ve got a video, then I might go down to video testing, or I might just push that into my prospecting, to see if I can get stability and then obviously, scale off the back of that as well.

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