Facebook Ads Insights, Tricks and Tips – The Facebook Ads POWER HOUR featuring Eric Dyck

Let’s welcome Eric to The Facebook Ads Power Hour!
We shared a lot of our previous experience with Facebook Ads and daily management which you can take as a reference, we also discussed a great deal about our perspectives and interesting things about eCom.

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Top Questions

  • What are your thoughts on your low-ticket course?
  • How’s your daily management on Facebook feed updates, conversations, and groups?
  • What are the pros & cons of operating an agency with figurehead vs. media property? relevant to acquisition and prospect.
  • How would you set up yourself and what would be the strategy for Q4 if you’re starting in eCom/dropshipping?


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Eric: If you have a smaller budget, I always suggest finding some niches,  finding what’s important to them, and especially finding niches of people who really like to wear their hearts on the sleeve, and find something that tugs their heartstrings and try advertising it to them directly.

To me, I think that’s one of the main things you want to think about getting into eCommerce is what is the potential margin.

Depesh: That’s a really good shout, I was gonna say the same thing that a lot of people jump straight into drop shipping, but actually the lower risk if you can find and test and find a niche is actually with print on demand.
Actually, when you’re really when you’re starting off, you’re scraping the barrel and taking the scraps. Then when you start to build up and you find that a niche, you can then scale it.

One of the things I talked about is if you found a niche and you’re doing testing, you don’t have to sell a product, even if you have sales coming in but you don’t have the supplier yet. You can do testing and refund people if your products are not ready, at least you can test the market prices.


0:00 Eric introduction & background brief
9:35 Early-stage & experience in FB Ads
15:05 Recent accomplishment & business idea created
24:55 Facebook management and daily organization experience
32:38 Events, Workshops and selling from stage experience
50:12 Q&A segment

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