Fix Facebook Ads Performance In 24 Hours With This 4 Letter Strategy

The old way:

  1. Launch ads
  2. Track data in Ads Manager
  3. Make decisions
  4. Optimise based on Ads Manager data
  5. Rinse and repeat

The good old days.

Before Apple decided it was going to be the saviour for privacy (whilst secretly planning its own ad network but that story’s for another day).

Thanks to the iOS14.5 release from Apple, ad platforms changed the way they track users on iOS devices… and Facebook went even further and changed it for ALL pixel related tracking.

What’s the new way of Facebook ads media buying working right now?

  1. Data is far less reliable in Ads Manager for anything pixel related
  2. Audience data which relies on the pixel (lookalikes and custom audiences) target fewer people (that have opted out of tracking)
  3. Facebook’s algorithm has less data to make clever optimisation decisions.


And it’s the last part that we’ve had the most success with ‘fixing’…

Ok there is NO fix for iOS14.5 but there are workarounds.

Since the early days of Facebook, they’ve had access to a huge amount of data.

That data was turned into billions of dollars of revenue through their ads platform which continued to get better and better.

But whilst the ad platform got better at finding your ideal prospect, at the right time and serving the right ad…

Many media buyers got lazy.

It almost became too easy to win.

But now those training wheels are off, how can you get better results with Facebook ads despite the loss of data and targeting?


>> Target Your Audience Using Copy & Creative, Not Data <<

Back in the 1900’s there was an explosion of insight into how powerful headlines and copy could create action.

Back in the 1800’s there wasn’t much choice but to write ads for newspapers, magazines and billboards.

Then came the commercial use of radio and eventually television.

And the marketing knowledge transferred to those ad platforms.

See where I’m going with this?

That same knowledge still works TODAY.

Those ad formats still work today.

In fact one of my favourites which is still widely used is the AIDA model:


You can use that ANY place where you have eyeballs on content.

Use this format to turn any ad into an everlasting, profitable money generating machine.

Like this blog post for example 😉


I used the blog’s title to grab your ATTENTION.

Not just anyone. You.

Specifically someone with:

  • a need to improve their ad results
  • a curiosity of how we’re doing it, right now
  • a desire to find the quickest and easiest path to getting better Facebook ad results

By choosing the title I did, it creates what’s called an ‘open loop’.

Creating this in your blog headline, or email subject, or the first line of copy in your ad…

Is an invite to your IDEAL prospect.

The goal isn’t to get every advertiser on Facebook to read this post.

Just the ones that are going to get the most use fromit.

So once I have your attention, the work doesn’t stop. Next up…

I need to keep your INTEREST

Think of the ‘ATTENTION’ as the invitation to come into my store.

Now I need to ensure that YOU know you’re in the right place.

Notice how I started with the old way of media buying.

This is also a filter – because if you didn’t media buy pre-iOS14.5 you won’t understand how good life used to be.

And if you read that and agreed, I know you’ve been advertising since BEFORE June 2021…

I then need to take that interest into a DESIRE for the thing I’m sharing. 

I opened up on the process and showed you how easy it really is.

You can literally take what you’ve learned here, apply it to ANY piece of content where you want someone to take action and see what happens.

The DESIRE part is where you change someone’s beliefs.

It could be a false belief like “I can’t write good ads”.

Well if you can’t run good ads you’ll suffer in the new world of media buying on Facebook ads.

But today I’ll show you exactly how.

Let’s say I’m writing an ad for THIS blog post.

Let’s use AIDA to build the ad:

  • ATTRACTION: What can I use to get my prospect to STOP and look at my ad?
  • INTEREST: Once I’ve got their attention, how can I hold it long enough to get my CORE message across?
  • DESIRE: How can I use my CORE message to trigger them into wanting to take action (click, watch, download etc)?
  • ACTION: How can I show them what to do next?


The ad might look like:


Want to Fix Your Facebook Ads Performance? In 24 Hours?

Use this *4 word strategy*.

Media buying’s changed. Apple. Privacy. Data Loss. Tracking.

Does Facebook advertising still work? Sure it does.

You’re seeing this ad. It wouldn’t run if it wasn’t working, for me.

I used the most simplest of 4-words to create this ad.

And I’m sharing it now with you. No cost.

Because if I give you one simple strategy to improve your ads.

I know you’ll come back for more.

Go ahead, click this link: [LINK]

Update your ads and let me know in 24 hours what you think?

Don’t waste time, go visit: [LINK]


Can you spot the AIDA?

Here’s some homework – go back to the best emails, landing pages and ads you’ve seen.

Can you spot the AIDA framework in action?

So how do you use AIDA in your next ads?

The old way: let Facebook ads do it’s thing. Keep cycling ads. Multiply ad sets, hope, pray and scale.

The current way: stress out about iOS14.5 and the lack of data. Install 3rd party software to try fix everything. Go into forums and complain Facebook ads don’t work.

The new way: use the AIDA structure to call your prospect out in Facebook ads. Worry less about targeting, using broader audiences. Let the right people put their hand up to your message.

So what comes once you’ve got someone’s DESIRE for the thing you’re sharing?

Get them to take ACTION!

Did you find this guide useful?

Want to go down the rabbit hole?

And see The Unconventional Way We’re Overcoming iOS14.5 for Facebook Ads?

If that’s yes, yes and yes then follow this link and have your hunger FULLY satisfied for building ads that stabilise, profit and scale.

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