Facebook Ads Pixel Seasoning – Keep It In Your Food Not Your Ad Account! 🧂

That’s me seasoning a STEAK🥩 not my ad account.

Don’t be like PIXEL BAE. You’re better than that.

Problem: some people misunderstand how the pixel works (and just how powerful Facebook’s tech is)

What they say: you need to season your pixel with good traffic, signals, and the like before you can generate leads or make money.

The reality: you CAN actually be profitable on day 1 of running ads WITHOUT salt, pepper, or running engagement or click-based ads.

How: 80% of your ad’s success comes from what you do outside of actually running ads.

“Chef Depesh, tell us more!”

Ok, this won’t make you a great steak but it’ll serve up RESULTS.

Ingredients: product/service, avatar, funnel


  1. Mix your product and avatar together for about 30 minutes whisking product benefits with a dash of human psychology and a big serving of consumer research to create a crème de la crème OFFER.
  2. Put the OFFER in the oven together with researched audiences together with ad copy angles and creative and add the secret sauce: Graduation Testing.
  3. Take it out the oven in 2-3 days – pick out the cooked pieces and shift them into the Prospecting cooking pot
  4. Bring the pot to a good boil over 2-3 days and you’ll find well-formed, puffed, and delicious ads – use a sieve to drain out the non-puffed, shriveled ads and continue to boil up the nice ads.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 to keep producing more and more gorgeously formed, melt in the mouth ads that keep your prospects piling into your funnel.
  6. Take a measure of your funnel and cut-to-size to ensure as many of those well-formed, tasty ads roll their way onto your plate and into your BELLY.

Notice I didn’t mention any need to season anything.

Facebook’s learning machine is deep and way beyond this recipe card but few things to know:

  1. Facebook has a reference system that it uses so as soon as you switch your campaigns to live it has an idea of your ideal prospect and where to find them.
  2. The better your testing process, driven by your research and setup, the better you’re able to feed Facebook good DATA.
  3. Use a process that takes advantage of Facebook’s ‘discount bidding’ (Facebook takes the first 500 impressions of an ad and serves it to the best users it can find to make predictions about your ad and funnel) which is what Graduation Testing is built on.
  4. The rest is to analyze, tweak, repeat.

So let’s drop the salt and pepper and focus on working with Facebook’s intelligent data-systems to cook up your next mouth-watering ad campaign?

If you want more mouth-watering tips go check out The Ultimate Facebook Ads Growth Cookbook for lots more tempting recipes!

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