Facebook Ads Scaling To $5M/m Using Automated Rules & The BPM Method

In this episode I welcomed Emanuele Maragno and Daniel Bidmon to The BPM Method Success Podcast. They blew me away with what they achieved – not based on the results but in how they were able to manage multiple accounts with very little effort being able to scale and optimize with ease!

Key Highlights

  • The weird way in which  Emanuele and Daniel met
  • How and why they started an agency in the middle of a pandemic
  • Scaling their client’s accounts to over $5M in a very short amount of time
  • How The BPM Method (and ELITE Accelerator coaching) programs helped
  • The EXACT rules and strategies they use


Listen to the full audio from the interview here:


Depesh: How do I now do the creative, like create this red thing around the ad, like a machine wouldn’t necessarily think about that, at least not right now. So that’s your advantage, and then pushing into this machine for the rules in there, let Facebook do the media buying for you, and then adapt to the data. And I think that’s it’s not complicated. I don’t think Facebook advertising is complicated. It just takes time to learn, and then takes time to kind of master right?

Emanuele: For example, the offer like we did all that we did in November, like those five million revenues with crazy offers. We tested them based on what people wanted with the right messaging, without that Facebook would have not worked.
Like even in terms of funneling, I think we would even try trying to tweak the landing pages to make some specific actions for the user, which kind of band do we want the user to buy to increase the profitability of the business, we were even playing with a strong discount upfront.
And what we saw is like even though we played hard with discounts and offers, more or less all of our clients didn’t decrease. So this was marketing.


6:42   Case study
23:27 Luggage niche selling strategy before December and under coronavirus situation
26:44 Facebook Ads strategy
34:30 Revealbot automation sharing
1:06:03 Additional info & Q&A segment

Additional Information

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