Facebook Ads, Surviving Covid-19 & More – The Smarter Destiny Podcast featuring Depesh Mandalia

I had a great talk with Martyn Cook on the Smarter Destiny Podcast!

We covered the current status we face with covid-19, the situation on Facebook, and how things are impacted by coronavirus. We also covered a Q&A so go check it out!

Top Questions

  • What’s your opinion and advice in the current situation under the virus?
  • Recommendations on promoting FB groups during a pandemic?
  • The #1 strategy for engaging people who unaware of your brand
  • Tips to motivate people


Watch the full interview below.



Listen to the full audit from the interview here:


Martyn:  If you’ve got a question about digital marketing, your business, , like getting traffic, getting success, getting sales right now, for your business, even an offline business, potentially, now is a great time to ask that question between Depesh and I. So let’s let’s start with this one from Knan Nan, ‘I’d like to ask your input on promoting FB group during this time and any advice on local business digital marketing.’

: If you’re promoting a Facebook group, what’s the outcome? What’s the reason why someone wants to join, but what’s the reason they stay? Like it’s just a slight shift? You don’t want them to join, but figure out why if you’ve got an existing group. What is that all delivering? What’s the transformation or the output or the change or the benefit, use that in your ad, and get people too. I personally would use some kind of lead magnet to get them into your email list, by the way, we’ve got community or whatever it is, and then get people into the group that way.
Like I mentioned before, if they can sell gift voucher, that option, if you can get them into a list and engage them. For example, let’s say the local business has a local community, whether it’s Facebook or something else, get their email address, trying to get them into that community and then share stuff with them.


0:20 Depesh introduction & his covid-19 story.
13:30 Facebook advertising landscape
19:48 What are you seeing in this working environment now?
23:45 The most purchased item in UK!
28:12 Advice for FB comms and what change is coming.
32:15 Q&A Segment
39:00 Season 2 question series
47:55 Q&A Segment

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