Free Facebook Ads Training: How We Repeatedly Scale Facebook Ad Campaigns Beyond 7-Figures Without SASS!


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Have you ever fallen victim to SASS (Shiny New Ad Strategy Syndrome)?

We’re talking about the need to learn and implement Facebook’s latest, shiny features (CBO, Facebook Stories, etc.) into your existing Ad strategy.

The reality is that this can, more often than not – result in a hack-job of different strategies that overcomplicates what is really required to succeed and scale Facebook ads.

And it could be what’s preventing you from consistently scaling your campaigns!

In this recent guest coaching call, I shared the exact process (The BPM Method) I and thousands of students use to scale Facebook Ads beyond 7-figures.

The Facebook Algorithm

B.EA.R is the acronym used to explain the factors that Facebook looks at when optimizing ads and deciding who gets to see what, when, and how much it will cost you to deliver your ads.

While it may seem confusing at first, it really boils down to a few things – if you can give Facebook a happy user, it, in turn, will provide you with inventory, affordable ads, and an ability to scale.

This means that being a great marketer that’s able to scale Facebook Ads boils down to equally focusing on:

1. Your funnel

Can you convince and convert?

2. The offer/product

Do you have a clear solution or opportunity?

3. Audience

Do you know your audience intimately?

4. The set up of your campaigns

Are you mostly relying on the latest shiny strategy that every “expert” is talking about? Or are you using tried & tested methods that work?

The BPM Method

My process for scaling campaigns rapidly can be broken down in the following:

  1. Ensure solid core offer and funnel
  2. Build & test methodically
  3. Build Stability & Optimization before scaling
  4. Scale Testing Methods
  5. Automation
  6. Growth (new channels, team etc)

You can hear more about each step in the video above. If you’d like to gain additional training and support around the BPM method, check out the links below.

The Ultimate CBO Cookbook >>

The BPM method >>

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