From Fashion Model & Freelancer to Scaling A Boutique Ecommerce Agency – The BPM Method Success Podcast with Rachel Harvey


The BPM Method Success Podcast is a collection of our client case studies and wins.

Listen in as we discuss their challenges, wins and transformations using The BPM Method for Facebook Ads and ELITE Accelerator for Client Services.

And in this episode, we welcomed Rachel Harvey from the Ecom Fashion Industry.


  • How Rachel moved from a freelancer to a boutique agency
  • Rachel managed two other businesses whilst providing great results to clients
  • How Rachel was able to turn her agency and client profitability three folds
  • Rachel encourages other people in the same position as her that they would thank themselves for having invested in the program

Notable Timestamps

  • 02:48 –  Passion Transformation to 6 Figure Fashion Boutique Agency
  •  04:01 – Lack of time doesn’t stop Rachel from her next big business acquisition move
  •  06:00 – The ability to build the team by following The BPM Method allowed Rachel to work on the other business growth and improvements
  • 08:00 – Although she did not have enough time, Rachel makes sure to join nearly all calls within the ELITE Accelerator Training Program to learn from other people’s expertise and experience
  • 09:39 – Rachel is really grateful as one of  her team member has been able to go through the same process and training she went through The BPM Method
  • 10:16 – Catalyst for Rachel’s 6 to 12-month goal is to start chat bot marketing which was enabled by one of the ELITE guest experts


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Here’s a short excerpt from the podcast that we found interesting:

Rachel: Before we started working together, I would have considered myself more of a freelancer wanting to make that journey and progress into an agency. And I think part of what had stopped me before from reaching out was the lack of time, but I knew that it wasn’t going to be that long until I managed to sell my other business and I really wanted to be prepared and had started making that move to agency before that sell went through. So I’ve actually been thinking about reaching out for a few months and was just waiting and time new for sale of the business was at certain points before I spoke to somebody in your team about how it all works. But I was just really excited about trying to find a program that I felt would not only advanced my media buying skills, but helped me develop into an agency as well.
Depesh: … there sre two things that we try and aim for to help agencies and freelancers is, number one, get you those stable results, which is through the process, but also save you and earn you more time back as well because then you start to optimize that and put that into your business. And then if you can start to bring people in to take on some of the work, you can spend more time on your business rather than in it as well.

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