From $800k to $26 Million in 18 Months – Monetize Nation Podcast with Nathan Gwilliam

Check out this interview with Nathan Gwilliam from Monetization Nation. On the call we discussed my entrepreneurial story, from affiliate marketing to Facebook Ads, and how I was part of scaling an Ecommerce business to $26 million in 18 months.


Top Questions

  • What are your favorite stories from your entrepreneurial journey?
  • Can you tell us about the $26 million case study?
  • What is the biggest mistake that you’ve made with Facebook advertising?
  • Which are your favorite products/services that you offer?


5:30    My affiliate marketing story
10:00 How I became an advocate for Facebook
15:00  The BPM Method and why it’s so successful
20:30 Facebook advertising as a tectonic shift in the business world today
24:52  How the agency helped a client through Covid-19

Here’s a short excerpt that might be interesting for you.

Nathan: Let’s see you talk about a case study a $26 million case study that that you shared that kind of got you jumped started and built your credibility. I’m going to talk about that a little bit.

: Absolutely. So with my, it’s actually a good segueway from the affiliate marketing story. So in 2009 2010, I got really deep into affiliate marketing, I had experience from working for a brand, but not from actually being an affiliate. By 2011 2012, we’ve made decent money. And I say we as myself and my wife, we made decent money through affiliate marketing, whilst also working a nine to five job. So we work like typical bedroom affiliates that will work I work late into the evening on my affiliate work, and then go back to my day job and an income come back and do affiliate. By 2011, 2012 We were in the position where we had enough income and stable income, that we were ready to ditch the nine to five and go 100% into the affiliate business at the same time, because my affiliate marketing, traffic relied on organic traffic from Google. I didn’t realize at the time how fragile that was… and it didn’t work out…

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