From Dropship to 7-Figure Exit In 24 Months – The BPM Method Podcast with Ghadeer Rahhal

Hear a story of dropshipping done right – testing products, finding a profitable niche, building a branded store focussed on customer satisfaction generating 7-figure revenues, SOLD for many multiples of profit!


  • 00:50 Introduction
  • 02:04 How Ghadeer started
  • 06:30 How he made the transition from doing multi to niche store
  • 07: 24 How did he start hiring his team?
  • 11:03 Growing the company and not just the revenue
  • 11: 40 Ghadeer’s traffic channels and breakthrough
  • 12:15 Starting to scale up
  • 15:24 What happened after Ghadeer attended mastermind events
  • 19:22 How did Ghadeer manage his payments
  • 21:08 Biggest takeaway from The BPM Method
  • 24:38 Ghadeer on Facebook Ads
  • 25:47 A piece of advice to his old self
  • 27:41 Selling his company
  • 30:27 Ghadeer’s takeaway message to you




An interesting snippet from the interview:

Ghadeer: Yeah, so it was actually the first product that I tested that had traction. So before I had done, I did about $6,000 in sales in 2018. And then in 2019 that January, I found a product that did me about 120, $130,000 in revenue. I lost money because I just didn’t know what I was doing. But I was like, “If this product, me not knowing what I’m doing, did $120K, I think this is something I can build a brand around.”

Ghadeer: Yes. I think it was two things. It was just seeking out more knowledge. So, I think the first thing was when I took your course, I was like, “This is a very different way of thinking about things.” It wasn’t much. It wasn’t like all the other drop-ship courses. It was much more on marketing. Then from there I was like, “I really don’t know anything about marketing.” I didn’t know what a funnel was. I had no idea what AOV was, so I started just taking other courses on [inaudible 00:12:42], for example, just to learn more. Then the second thing was just attending more Masterminds. Just the people you can meet there and just having a one-on-one interaction, to this day I’m still in touch with a lot of people. They help me out a lot. I try and help them out as much as I can. So, I think those two things really just gave me that transformation.

Ghadeer: I mean, so that’s the thing. So it’s like, “Why are you attending to Masterminds in such a short period of time?” So, I went from making… I think I had only done probably like $10,000 or $20,000 in revenue profitably before the first Mastermind. Then I went to six figures, and then I was like, “I got Q4’s coming up.” And attending that Mastermind, if I did six figures in just a few months, what can I do in Q4? And then that Mastermind helped me go from six probably multi-six figures at that point to seven figures.

Ghadeer: So many things. No, so many things fell apart. Yeah. I mean, starting from when so I could tell you before San Jose Facebook ads, I was trying to understand what was going on. Then after San Jose, it was like, “Okay, so now I’ve got this ads part of under control. Now let me work on developing the product a bit more. And with then finding suppliers, communicating with them. I actually had gone to China after the Vancouver Mastermind. Again, I mentioned I went to China just to work with them on the product. And even then it was great, but there were communication issues. And then Q4 just was, I mean, things fell apart in Q4, but thankfully we had prepared for it in July. So, it was less painful than it would have been, but there’s definitely problems. Teammates had actually had to leave for personal reasons, so that was another thing. So, there was definitely challenges along the way.

Ghadeer: I think the thing that really just was a light-bulb moment for me in the BPM Method was just understanding how CTR and CPM and A will be sort of work together, including ROAS, of course, and how there’s things you can’t control such as CPM. But there are things you can control such as AOV. And it’s something that I didn’t think about before, but our average order value was about $60 before taking the course. And then I was like, “Okay, if I just increase the AOV, I’m going to be making more money without spending a dime more.” And that’s what happened. So, then we started to increase our AOV to $80 and $90 to make us very profitable.

Ghadeer: Yes. As far as the BPM Method, to me it is the course on, not Facebook ads, but digital marketing that includes heavily focused on Facebook ads of course, but you’re really going to understand what are the steps that you need to be successful. I mean, it’s not just e-commerce focused. You can use it for lead gen and whatnot, but it’s a very different type of course, because you’re focusing on studying before you’re building. Right? So it’s like, “Okay, what is your value proposition? Who are you looking at targeting? What type of ads can speak to them? What are the things that are going to drive people to want to purchase?” It takes you from, I mean, those simple steps to more complicated things of just scaling to super high numbers.

Products that helped Ghadeer scale his business:

  1. The BPM Method for Facebook ads
  2. Attending Mastermind events
  3. Agency support from SM Commerce 


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