From Worrying About Client Acquisition & Results To Living La Vida Costa Rica with Fabian Cordoba



The BPM Method Success Podcast is a collection of student case studies and wins. Listen in as we discuss their challenges, wins and transformations using The BPM Method training program for Facebook ads.

In this episode we welcomed Fabian Cordoba from Costa Rica.

Highlights of what we covered:

  • How a chance encounter in Las Vegas transformed Fabian’s business fortunes
  • Fabian’s early wins through our support which pocketed a huge profit to allow him to invest further in his business
  • How Fabian’s growth, personally and in his business matched his progress through The BPM Method programs
  • Fabian’s vision to inspire the next generation of entrepreneur in his native country and further afield
  • His recommendations for those in his shoes

Notable Timestamps

5:30 – Journey through The BPM Method programs
8:12 – Scaling Ecommerce from 6 to 7 figures
10:07 – The difference between The Ultimate CBO Cookbook and BPM Method and how each helped along the way
12:26 – The ELITE Accelerator Coaching program experience


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Here’s a short excerpt from the podcast that we found interesting:

Fabian: That like the one that I really resemble with this impact, because that’s the reason why I do what I do. At the end of the day, for me, it’s all about prosperity, because if you’re doing things with a true intention behind it, and you can impact someone in a positive manner, you’re winning with great.
So it’s more about sharing the knowledge because that’s the only thing that we can share, right? Like, that’s the only thing that can be kept alive because once you’re gone, everything is gone.

Depesh: One of the things you talked about is impact. I run a run an agency, do the training, and ecom. The thing that really inspires me is being able to work individually with people because when you have an agency, you’re working with a business owner, and they’re serving customers through your marketing.
When you work with someone individually, for example, working with someone like you and seeing the growth over the last two years, seeing the impact, but also the fact is, whatever happens in the next 5, 10, 15 years, my one interaction with you is going to have an impact on many more, because you’re going to be speaking to people sharing your knowledge, etc. To me, that’s really powerful.

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