How to Create Offers, Avatars, Copy Hooks, and Business – Saving Cash Buffers – The Rich Ad Poor Ad Podcast featuring Depesh Mandalia

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Join SM Commerce and ZASR Digital Founder and CEO, Depesh Mandalia on his amazing journey from being an affiliate marketer — to managing $40M to $50M/year ad spends as an ad agency owner — to finally becoming the master of his own killer brand of marketing education and training.

We’ll dissect a ballsy “personal grooming” ad that drew in buyers with a powerful below the belt promise linked to an attention grabbing-image. Then torpedo a terrible ad that highlights the horror of fat freezing treatments instead of the benefits.

How the addition of this powerful element transformed a $25 product into one someone would pay $50 for.  Why ad “hacks” is crap.  And the life and death investment you must make in your business if you want to survive.

Top Questions

  • What’s your advice for agencies?
  • How do you think about your own product (BPM Method)?
  • How do you approach the offer?
  • Can you share some financial principles from the agency side?


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Zach: You’re selling to an advertiser, somebody that ultimately wants, a better ROI, better, more scale on their advertising. And how would you think about your own stuff right now?

: I break down four elements of a great ad campaign into four parts. So you’ve got product, does the product clearly solve a problem or create a new opportunity? Have you surveyed existing customers? Have you looked at your ad campaigns to see where the clicks are coming from?

If you’ve gone through your analytics and stuff like that. So it was building a real picture of who your customer is. The third and most important part is the offer.
It’s an offer is not discount promotion, anything like that, the offerings, the whole construct of your copy, your creative, your Lander, and everything that comes between that, which matches the product with your audience.

So once you get the offer right, I’d argue that media buying is easy. Then the final part is your funnel, the sales funnel, the booking funnel, wherever it is.
And when you get those four parts together, that’s when the magic happens, then we take it a layer down and say, who’s the avatar? what’s the emotional trigger? what the functional benefits? and how do we write ad angles that are going to hook people in on something that’s emotional.


0:20 Depesh introduction & business summary
3:47 Advice and tips for agencies
7:40 Opinion sharing and discussion about ads
11:55 Avatar, copy hooks and advertisement building
19:20 BPM Method analysis and evaluation
26:10 Financial principles experience from the agency side

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