Life After Black Friday For Ecommerce Businesses

So Black Friday’s done and things are looking good! 

Many people think of Black Friday as the ultimate day for online retailers during Q4 – that it’s a time to get in some great last minute sales and rake in some cash before the holiday season is over. 

However, there are plenty of things that can be done after Black Friday to keep up with the competition and remain relevant before the new year starts.

So in the last BPM Method Q&A, we talked about what’s next after Black Friday.

Here are some questions from this session: 

Q1) After BFCM (Black Friday/Cyber Monday), I only changed my Evergreen campaigns again and slowly increased the budget. But the performance is much worse than before. Is that due to the time because just BFCM was and is normal or is that different with you?

  • There are 2 ways we to handle this:
  1. Take existing campaigns – duplicate them and create event based creatives – this is a safer option
  2. Change evergreen campaigns to BFCM creatives then change them back again after the promotion ends – this is disruptive to the algorithm
  • We optimise by looking at ad set performance and ad level metrics – if things continue to look good and we can continue running the promotion we don’t end it
  • Don’t stop your offer at BFCM, build some urgency for the holidays like offer reruns, shipping deadline etc. – for example a week or so before your last shipping deadline why not run another promotion to build that last minute urgency?

Q2) What do you do with the Evergreen campaigns from 5th December to 1st Jan. Just continue to run normally or do you lower the budget sharply? 

  • Lower the budget if the performance is bad (of course!) 
  • Consider creative refreshes (from fatigue)
  • Is your last delivery date coming up? Don’t disappoint them by running sale ads for Xmas if you can’t deliver.
  • If it’s giftable, continue running the ad through December to your last shipping date – if it can’t be shipped then make this clear too

Q3) Do we pause ads before Xmas and restart them in the new year?

  • No! Q5, as Facebook call it, which is the period between Xmas an the new year is also an amazing time to run ads because often costs are lower and so is competition
  • If you’re not running ads then use the downtime to plan ahead, fix up your ad account and catch up on your learning!

Are you ready for the new year? Let us know below what else you’d add to this list.

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