Why Nobody Can Make Facebook Ads Work Anymore – Copywriter’s Podcast Episode 271 with David Garfinkel

I was invited onto the Copywriter’s Podcast by David Garfinkel – if you don’t know him he’s one of the world’s leading copywriters and copywriting coaches.​

In the podcast I answered David’s question on “Why Can Nobody Make Facebook Ads Work?”

(ok, not everybody, but this is copywriting 101 – CONTROVERSY!)

In it I covered:

​1. How copywriting is my media buying secret weapon

2. How Facebook advertising’s changed – and changing us media buyers

3. The move Apple made with privacy and how its forcing us to work SMARTER

4. Why I fall back to hundred year old marketing advice, especially now

5. How the 5W Avatar is the genesis and deep foundations of every advertising success I’ve had in the past 5 years

We also jammed on how powerful old school marketing is when adapted to the various ad platforms we have now.

Listen/watch the podcast below.

Or you can listen to the audio only podcast here.

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