Scaling To $5M Whilst Travelling The World – The BPM Method Success Podcast with Maxx Blank

The BPM Method Success Story Video Podcast


Our students share their success stories and key wins in The BPM Method Success Podcast. This is perfect for anyone who considers joining The BPM Method program.

In this episode we welcomed Maxx Blank, Co-founder of Triple Whale and Ecommerce store owner.

Highlights of what we covered:

  • How Maxx started in Facebook Ads
  • Maxx’s success with The BPM Method and how it helped his business
  • The importance of brand awareness
  • Why you should have a coach or mentor
  • What Maxx would say to someone on the fence regarding joining The BPM Method


0:23 – Maxx’s background and entering Ecommerce in an unusual niche
2:48 – Some barriers with Facebook Ads and early success
6:42 – How an app was created based on success through The BPM Method
11:48 – How The BPM Method improved Maxx’s media buying
13:56 – Maxx’s journey from Ecommerce entrepreneur to creating his own Shopify App

THE BPM Method Success Story Audio Podcast

You can listen to the audio podcast here.


Depesh: Absolutely. And one of the cool things that you told me is not only have you scaled your business up to multiple millions, but you’ve been able to travel a lot in that time, as well with the family. And I guess that freedom has come through controlling your numbers and being confident of kind of your growth and how to take it as well.

Maxx: Yeah, 100%. There’s a lot of apps out there a lot of people talking different strategies and things to, to to manage your marketing, right, but there’s not so much talk. And maybe I’m just not looking in the right places, but it’s not so much talking like managing finances, and knowing your numbers really well, and how to, you know, maybe I’m wrong. But I know there are a lot of analytical tools out there. But there’s nothing for like sort of a lifestyle entrepreneur who wants to just get a glimpse of his business, make sure he’s not, you know, losing money.

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