The 5 Most Common Reasons Your Facebook Ads Don’t Work (And Possibly Might Also Suck), Leading to Higher Costs

(plus what you can do about it)

Let’s jump straight in…

1) Your product/service might as well not exist

Believe it or not, people are not robots. They can tell when a product or service looks bad.

Fact is, your product or service might be really good but if you can’t explain it, your product might as well not exist.

Or maybe your reviews are bad therefore, it sucks.

(Though in some cases, your product/service might actually really suck).

A product/service that doesn’t have a clearly defined purpose for your prospect is invisible. No matter how much money you spend on ads.

And Facebook will punish you with higher CPM too if you don’t get your ads right from the start (Which is why I spend a week BEFORE launching anything, on research and building).

Action: find the point of value or differentiation. Stand out. Be clear on what you’re actually selling. Don’t just stop at selling the product/service – follow-up and ask “Did we do well?”.

2) You don’t speak the right language mi casa es su casa avec moi, ce soir, bitte please?

That title probably made no sense. And I bet many of your ads don’t make sense to your prospects either.

If you’re targeting a sophisticated audience, perhaps high net-worth, that drive Bentleys and Bugattis would an add like this work?


Yo! Got bling? We sellin these Golden Llimited Ed. Rolexes for ya’ll!

Yo’ local mall be sellin at $5999 but we got them on special for just $3K.

But only if you buy now man these are selling like FIRE! 🔥

10 left, hit the link and save 50% today only!! 💯

👉 Go ahead click the link: link .com 💥


(did you notice I wrote ‘ad’ as ‘add’? That’s a trigger word I added to keep your attention alongside the bold… I leave trails and clues everywhere!)

Ok – so a wild example but – I see ads written like this that someone reading it in the target market would just skip past.

And that goes for landing pages too.

If you don’t communicate in a way that connects then you won’t get that click, or the sale.

No amount of CBO, ABO, campaign structure, manual bidding or split testing is going to help…

And bad ads lead to negative feedback too, which leads to higher CPMs too.

Action: build a clear written description of your ideal prospect (avatar) – why would they click? Why would they buy? What links the product/service with a problem/opportunity? How can you communicate that?

3) Your ads suck so bad 2005 My Space called, they want their banners back

What if you have a good product AND you really do understand your ideal prospect(s)?

Well, then if your ad sucks, you’ll get no clicks, higher CPM (as a punishment from Mr Z) and no sales.

You might be great at copy but what if your creative doesn’t stand out? What if its so bad people skip past it in Facebook or Instagram?

This is a biggie because your ad is your gateway into your funnel.

But, don’t think that all clicks are good clicks – your ad acts as the gatekeeper. Good clicks welcome! Bad clicks not welcome.

Sounds simple but if you think about a shopping mall, how many times do you browse straight past a shop window because you didn’t see anything that interested you?

And how many times did you walk into that store that had something that caught your interest?

Your ad’s doing the same.

Just like the store selling women’s only shoes has nothing for men and so their window dressing, window decals and headlines only focus on women, your ad needs to focus on your ideal prospect.

And guess what – poor ads lead to higher CPMs too. Gulp!

Action: stop trying to get EVERY click. Get the right clicks. I’ll repeat this AGAIN – the power of a great ad is in the creative and copy, not the targeting. This is where true profitability at scale is created along with point 5 below.

4) Your funnel is as painfully bad as sandpaper is to your dirty butt

See what I did there? That headline was a free tip on using copy to build a visual.

In just one sentence I related a very physical pain with a bad sales funnel.

I know you imagined using sandpaper on your butt just now (I can’t un-think you doing that that now, neither can you), your brain did that to us with pretty much no control by us.

See the power of word play? (you can literally force people to visualise, to feel or think something – more on that in future).

When it comes to copy in your ad its as important on your landers and your funnel – just as important as the images/videos you use.

And what use is a click if it doesn’t convert?

What’s more, Facebook penalises you with higher CPMs if your lander/funnel is poor, too.

Actions: ensure your lander loads fast, your landing page experience is clean, clear and easy to follow and your funnel is also fast, easy to use and a good experience.

5) Your ad account is as messy as a child’s playroom

Yep, the most common reason, when it comes to your ad account and the technicalities of it not working is often your campaigns, ad sets and ads are disorganised, you’re suffering with audience/auction overlap (which can increase CPM) you’re using the wrong bid and campaign strategies (yep, higher CPM)

It might feel like Facebook are against you all the way but when you break out of the victim mindset and realise:

  1. Facebook want you to succeed, so you give them more money
  2. Facebook care more for their Users than they care for you

Then you’ll figure it out.

Care as much for the User as Facebook does and it’s a match made in Silicon Valley.

So next time you feel Facebook are against you – see it more as the head master you look back at once you leave school and realise deep down, behind the stern exterior and ice-cold stare, they did alright…. or something like that.

Which of those are haunting you the most? (I’ll use that to build future content for you)

Feel free to comment below.

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