The Truth About Facebook Ads & Apple’s iOS14.5 Release


Media love to kick a giant down. No bigger than Facebook when it comes to advertising.

Reports have suggested opt-in rates of 10-12% following the rollout of ATT (Apple’s ad-tracking prompt released on iOS14.5 on 26th April).

Others are saying iOS14.5 and ATT have ruined their ad account performance (tip: you ain’t seen the worst of it yet; read on).

This report from a friend and authority on app install campaigns (CEO of London based Appsumer) is one of the best reports I’ve read since the iOS14.5 rollout. I’ve pulled out details, here is the link to full article and here’s some additional data/info.

  • The first image should give you an idea of what the opt outs are referencing – if you see 11% opt out then that’s from the small number that are asking for opt-in vs the number of apps out there – MOST of which are not asking for the opt-in either because they don’t care for tracking users for ad purposes, or they’ve not yet implemented it
  • Mobile ad networks are reporting an average closer to 30% for opt-in – whilst still not as high as we might hope, not as bad as the 10-11% being reported (2nd image)
  • If you’re NOT running app installs you have no idea how badly the ATT issues have hit – because app install campaigns are far worse hit overall than web based campaigns – i.e. we should consider ourselves lucky! They have campaign limits and more limitations on data than web based
  • The reported numbers do not track those that select “Allow all apps to track” which is something only Apple can report on
  • About 8-10% of iOS devices now have iOS14.5 – remember I said it won’t be immediate? This is why, because it isn’t an instant switch – rollout takes time and we’ll feel it closer to Q4 2021 – which is why NOW’s the time to take action and get ready for the new way of running FB ads

In addition I found these stats interesting too:

  • The consent rate in developing markets is 35% higher than in developed markets.
  • In Gaming, Brazil’s consent rate is 47%, Saudi Arabia 43% and India at 36%, meanwhile the US is only 18%, Germany 20%, and the UK 20%.

Category Opt-in rate

  • Shopping 43%
  • Finance 40%
  • Food & Drink 40%
  • Gaming 36%
  • Photography 34%
  • Entertainment 31%
  • Lifestyle 27%
  • Social 18%

Notice how ‘Shopping’ is 43%? Ecommerce anyone?

Consider the above when you generalise the impact on your ad campaigns.

DON’T simply blame ATT/iOS14.5 for poor ads performance.

It’s the easy way out.

DO learn how to run ads properly, adapt to the changes in ads manager and focus on great offers, content and funnels.

If anything this will simplify advertising due to the lack of breakdown data in ads manager and greater focus on top-line growth and profitability.

If you want help you know where me and my team are – we have the best Facebook ads operating system on the planet (The BPM Method) and it is still producing results for those that trust and follow the process. Reach out to us here and we’ll talk you through how The BPM Method has allowed thousands of advertisers already to continue seeing great results without worrying about the technical issues happening with the platform.

You got this.

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