“The Cure For Facebook Ad Anxiety.”

How A Single Unexpected Facebook Change Allowed Us To Go From Inconsistent Results To Profitable Million Dollars Spends In 90 Days

(And How You Can Do The Same)

by Depesh Mandalia,  5th November 2020

Is Facebook advertising important to you?

If so, I wrote this to share my journey with you on how I went from spending lots of time worrying about results to consistently profitable ad spends and how over 1,000 other Facebook marketers are now doing the same.

It wasn’t that long ago, that I was tired of it all.

Tired of the inconsistent results.

Tired of the guesswork. 

Tired of feeling like I understood it, then feeling like a failure again.

If there’s one big thing I aimed to solve on my ad accounts, it was to find a way to make more by doing less. I wouldn’t have persisted with Facebook if  I couldn’t do it.

Many times I’d say to my business partner it’s time to ditch Facebook and move on.

Fortunately, being the curious type, I found a way.

I wanted consistency.

I wanted predictability. 

To spend LESS time watching my ad account like a hawk.

I needed to reduce my anxiety…


Why do some have the magic touch with Facebook ads?

Why am I struggling?

Was it simply pot-luck or was there logic behind predictably good results? Surely I shouldn’t have to track my account ALL DAY LONG right?

I Ran My Ad Account On Luck & Fortune

Photo by Jonathan Petersson from Pexels

Back in 2014, I didn’t know what and why was working. 

I just knew  it was the turning point –  I went from spending $1 and if lucky, making $1 back…

To spending $1 and making FIVE dollars back.

Unless you’re making more money than you put in somewhere down the line, you might as well put that money into a slot machine.

Gambling is what it felt like at times.

One day I login and see the amazing results.

The next day my results DIED. 😭

So I wait and it doesn’t improve.

I need to tweak something.

New ads! 💡

That’s right, drop new ads in and things will pick up.

I’d wait some more.

Results are still bad. 😐

Ok, more new ads! No, wait.

Lets try duplicating the ad set!

I saw that post in a forum. It said  dupe ad sets.

Let’s duplicate it 40 times at $1 per ad set.

That’s what it said right?

So I wait some more.

And it works!

I come back the next day.

Wait, its not working again.

Is it new ads?

Maybe I need to dupe the dupe and run the new dupes again?

So I try it again.

Dupe inception.

Not working. Oh.

I kill the campaign and launch a new one.

New audience, new ads.

Sounds frustrating right?

I felt anxious reading it back.

I felt anxious doing this back in 2014 too.

It is painful to run ads this way.

I had to find a better way.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao Tzu .

I run a marketing agency that helps clients scale with Facebook ads.

We oversee an 8-figure annual spend plan – so we’re pretty good and part of some cool initiatives with Facebook too.

I also run ads for my own Ecommerce and Info Product businesses.

We do this with a small team, but with some very helpful tools from Facebook together with processes that tie this altogether.

It took years to get this right.

I want you to know that it IS possible.

Things CAN be better.

I want to prove to you consistency and predictability can still happen with Facebook ads.

We’re able to make more by doing less.

I’m sure if there was a measure of anxiety,  Facebook marketers would top the poll of all paid media marketers. I feel you. 😬

The stakes are high, as are the rewards.

High stakes. High rewards.

If this sounds familiar its because I just described a casino.

And just like a casino, when I first started with Facebook ads it felt like a gamble.

I learned to consistently win with Facebook ads the hard way.

In 2012 my Ecommerce ads failed. 

In 2013 I tried lead gen ads, it failed.

In 2014 I took an Ecom business from $800k to $8M 🤩

In 2015 I helped take that to $26.5M 🤯

Between 2014 and 2015, despite some amazing results, it was a ROCKY ROAD.

Full of  stress, wins, failures and a TONNE of learning.

One chance encounter in 2015 changed all that.

Below is me discussing our approach to  Facebook advertising, with a Facebook engineer and product manager.

At Facebook’s HQ in Menlo Park, CA. 

An all expenses paid trip to share knowledge both ways.

I shared how we used ad account funnels, our testing and optimisation tricks, how we scaled…

We were using ad account funnels way before many others on Facebook and the product team took note – it wasn’t long after this that Facebook reps worldwide were using a similar model too…

Now, one of the things I discussed in particular was on trying to understand consistency.

I wanted to understand the inputs better.

For example, why could we not simply spend more and make more?

Why did ads fatigue so fast?

Why did duplicating ad sets only sometimes work?

How exactly did the pixel collect data?

How did lookalikes work?

How could you make manual bidding work more effectively?

That’s when things started to come together.

Whilst I had tremendous success already, I couldn’t bring consistency and stability.

Despite the growth we had it was a bumpy ride.

We’d see some days or weeks with great ROAS, then all of a sudden it would die.

Unexplained results and high stress in feeling CHAINED to Ads Manager all day.

Sound familiar?

It feels like a scar every Facebook marketer carries. 

You’re not alone.


2016 was the year I was SO close to giving up on Facebook ads. 

I’m not good with anxiety and it just felt like it wasn’t worth continuing. 

Getting results is one thing, but managing my health and energy meant more.

So I set about solving the biggest issue on stability and predictability.

Want to know how? 

✅  A consistent, repeatable process, for testing. I learned from Facebook how important stable conversions were and the need for a strong connection between the ad and audience. I built a process to test with small budgets, but to test far and wide to find ads and audiences that worked together WITHOUT impacting good performance on existing ad sets.

✅  Research and identify winning creatives. Up until 2016 I’d mash together copy, images, formats, buttons into my good ad sets and ‘hope’ they’ll work. I found a way to remove the risk by adding a little research together with the testing process above.

✅  Cheaper testing traffic. I found a genuine way, without any short-term hacks, to allow me to test audiences and ads to find matches, often saving more than 50% of testing any other way.

✅  Prospecting before optimising. Scaling too early, or not optimising my metrics properly was ruining good ad set performance. So I added profitability and stability step to buffer before scaling which dramatically reduced the stress of uneven performance and stability of the scaling stage.

✅  Scaling with stable profits. I used to go from fast-testing straight to trying to scale. This led to huge peaks and dips in performance. The above steps solved that AND led to higher profits.

✅  I figured out scaling was a toolbox, not a tool. I tested different scaling methods and found not all strategies worked the same, all the time. So I came up with different types to use when the time was right as part of my toolbox.

✅  I tied this all together with Facebook. Or more precisely, after Facebook added CBO – Campaign  Budget Optimisation – alongside updates on the algorithm, tools like Dynamic Content Optimisation (DCO) and Split Testing, I was finally able to put these separate processes into a system.

This process has been developing and developed over many years and perfectly blended in 2018.

In 2018 I finalised the system.

The same year we did our most epic scaling and profitability.

We took an Ecom store to $15.9M revenue in about 4 months from $900k spend. Just $900k!

In one month alone we spent $341k and created $7.1M sales – 21X return on ad spend (ROAS).

This was after we spent months working on, testing and improving our systems.

BUT,  this wouldn’t have been possible without some important Facebook updates:


👉 CBO – Campaign Budget Optimisation brought us even more stability after we spent 6 months figuring out how to properly use it. I wasn’t convinced at the start, but it started to come together when we plugged it into our system.


👉 Algorithm update – In March 2018 Facebook made a  change in the way they tracked pixel data and history. To be honest, this kind of forced me to find new ways  to optimise and scale.


👉 A bigger focus on the User. Also in 2018 Facebook made deliberate steps to refocus attention on what the User wanted and needed. Better quality in the newsfeed. This helped me even more as my testing process further improved results for our prospecting and scaling.

I was able to put this together for our ad accounts and for our clients. 

So I decided to share this with others.

The RESULTS Blew Them Away


Meet Mikkel.

He was running his Ecom store at a 100 krona CPA  (about $10).

He implemented the CBO test and scale strategies and…

Reduced CPA by a factor of 10X – meaning he was acquiring customers for just $2 and generating $17K in sales!

Meet Veena.

She was trying to get a subscriptions CPA of $13 from COLD traffic.

She implemented the CBO test and scale strategies and was able to hit $8 CPAs!

That’s 40% lower cost per acquisition  (a.k.a 40%  more profit)!

Meet Simon.

He was getting a £15-20 CPA and need more profitability.

He implemented the CBO test and scale strategies and was able to hit £8 CPAs.

And massively increase ROAS!

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Lao Tzu

In 2017, Olly, a senior Facebook VP and I, agreed on something which changed the course of my business. That’s us below.

“We need someone from the UK that people can learn from” – someone that has experience, can influence and impact in a mostly North American dominated space. 

What could I possibly offer? 

I now lead thousands of  marketers around the world educating  them on better marketing and better advertising to land better results.

I’ve worked corporate, startup and everything in-between.

There’s nothing better in business than helping land a punch for someone shooting above their size.

Does Growth excite you?

Do you get a rush from seeing sales and leads come in?

That’s me too!

Want to know my favourite part of  the year?  Q4. 

The last 3 months of the year.

The time when many online retailers battle it out for growth.

I LOVE teaching and knowledge sharing, in-person, when I can.

However, I have a bigger mission.

I’m bridging the gap between Facebook and you.

I’m testing, learning and profiting so I can share that with you.

So I put together our special Recipes into a step by step, paint by colours process to bring even more people closer to the goal of consistency and predictability with their Facebook marketing.

Want in?

Our 5-Part Breakthrough Test, Prospect & Scale System For Lower Costs & Higher More Stable Profits, Without Sacrificing Your Health or Happiness.

The 5 part system to test, prospect and scale, built on what CBO actually can do for you, the Facebook advertiser.

Are you ready to dive right in?

Each part is written as as set of recipes, with ingredients and methods (for my longing to be a chef).

1) Audience testing. The first part of the system is identifying your BEST audiences. I use CBO to test many ad sets using a specific audience grouping system to get the best from Facebook

2) Ad testing. Once you have found  your best audiences, we now use CBO to identify more creatives  – you can never have enough creatives, right?

3) Prospecting. The step I previously missed – Facebook’s latest algorithm updates favour recent history and a high number of conversions. This is what we’re after now using our secret  CBO configurations.

4) Scaling. Test your audiences and ads. Then test how well they perform (prospecting) before scaling. Sound obvious? Not so from the many ad accounts I’ve audited. Especially if stability is  important to you, the previous 3 steps prior to scaling  build stronger foundations for your account. I cover each type of scaling; increasing budget, duplicating ad sets and CBO, manual bid and more.

5) Retargeting. Of course you use retargeting, right? Searching out people that have engaged or clicked with the right message at the right time  – except when you mix  DCO and DPA  it becomes ‘INFINITY RETARGETING’ – a set and (almost) forget way of spending less time tweaking your WARM and HOT audiences further down the funnel and more time testing and filling the top of your  funnel with quality traffic.

Here’s everything you get, in The Ultimate CBO Cookbook training program:

Read when you want, from where you want. An eBook (online book) with over 100 pages of deep insights and actionable guidance for use on mobile, desktop and printed.

Recipes for every ad account. 12 Recipes, which  you can follow step-by-step or dive into what you need

Stable, Predictable Growth. Build the right account structure to minimise costs and maximise profits

My exact systems.  Learn how I set up my testing for audiences ands ads using CBO with downloadable/printable diagrams and flows

Your CBO reference guide. A reference guide you will be checking in on for months to come

Fully customisable systems. Create your  own recipes once you realise the true power of CBO

Battle tested proof. ​Tested with multiple millions in ad spend the last 12 months alone in Ecom, Info Products and Lead Gen.

For small and large budgets. Works for small and large budgets and small and large audiences.

Bonus 1: Live Q&A Recording Covering Key Questions About CBO

Bonus 2: Full Q&A Transcript in PDF Format For Frequency Asked Questions

Bonus 3: Advice and guidance straight from Facebook on how to make CBO work

Bonus 4: ​Swipe and implement the All New INFINITY RETARGETING Strategy

Bonus 5: CBO Success Stories & Examples, from students and my community

Clients invest tens of thousands with my agency to set this up and run ads using this exact process.

But I created this to show YOU how to do the same.

This program is generating tens of thousand in PROFIT within 30 days for some.

I can’t guarantee you’ll do the same, because I don’t know much you’re prepared to put in.

But, I can guarantee that for the investment in this, you will NOT receive better training, not receive  a better system and if YOU put the effort in, no better results.

Invest in YOUR learning and results today for just $297!

Who this is NOT designed for

Let’s get this straight. You should NOT invest today if:

  • you’re new to Facebook advertising
  • you’ve not spent at least $1000 testing and learning
  • you don’t want to put the effort into learning
  • you don’t want to invest budget into testing

This training program is INCREDIBLY  powerful, in the right hands.

I want you to be ready for this.

Will YOU benefit from this?

The type of people using this and profiting include:

  • Ecommerce store owners doing $1000 to $250k per month in revenue (we use this on our own Ecommerce store)
  • Facebook marketers spending at least $250 per day through to $25K per day spend
  • Digital/Info product marketers looking for lower CPL and CPA (I used the same strategies on my own digital products)
  • Agency owners looking to train their media buyers and improve client results (we use this with our agency)
  • Affiliate marketers running white hat offers looking for higher EPCs and better payouts (I used to be an affiliate marketer so I know what it takes)

The training is 90% in written form and in a step-by-step fashion with some videos included for clarity. 

Why written?

Because my global community wanted something they could read and translate easily if needed. We asked and the majority said a written, step by step set of instructions is easier to follow than some videos which you then need to write instructions down from.

How valuable is this?

Did you know on average, CPM (the cost to have your ad seen 1000 times) can be around $25?

For $297 that would get your ad seen 7,880 times.

I’ve spent WAAY over $1M testing and proving my systems on CBO alone and millions more on the exact test, prospect and scale recipes. $1M bought me 40,000,000 impressions – my ads were seen over 40 million times.

This means everything I’m sharing is based on a MINIMUM of 40,000,000 ad impressions to validate it.

This training is FAR more profitable than trying to learn it yourself.

And a far better use  of your time, too.

You can learn this yourself, so?

Sure, you have $297 to prove  you can build a SYSTEM that takes advantage of CBO and the new way of operation for Facebook ads this (and next) year.

Or use that $297 to build stable profitability.

Or perhaps use the $297 to learn how to scale consistently.

See where I’m going with this?

You can  use the $297 (and realistically at least 10-50 times more) to learn this yourself and build it  into a system. 

My business partner pushed me to price this higher at least to $500. 

At $297 it is too cheap for what it is.

But don’t let  this  fool you.

Read What Students Think Of The Ultimate CBO Cookbook Program

Who is Depesh? Why follow my methods?

Some of you know me. Some have heard of me, others have no idea who I am.

Here’s the ‘elevator pitch’: I help marketers and entrepreneurs build consistency and profits into their business using my tried and tested systems developed over a decade.

The extended version: I’ve been in this marketing game for over 15 years.  Right now I run a Facebook ads agency where I implement EVERYTHING I teach for clients, every single day. 

No theory, no guesswork. I only publish what we use.

The same material we use on our own Ecommerce stores and Info Products.

I worked my way up the corporate ladder, including Marketing Director positions at startup companies before starting my Facebook  ads agency and training programs. 

My biggest motivator after my family, is in helping others.

It’s why I enjoyed supporting founders at Seedcamp, a funding business which raised over $1Bn in follow-on investments.

And why I now share my knowledge to as many people as I can. 

Since 2017 alone my agency has overseen over $20M in ad spend  (not including the volumee I did prior to that)

We’ve applied this to accounts spending as low as $100/d through to accounts spending $30,000/d.

We’ve seen it all.

Are you motivated by success?

Then I want to work with you.

Let’s get this started!

Some additional questions  you might have:

How long will it take to see results?

That depends on 2 factors: E and M. E = MC2 remember?

Actually, I believe it’s R = AC4ME2 where:

R =Results M = Money E = Effort and AC4 = Advertising Core-4.

There’s twice as much reward in results when the effort is applied than the budget you spend on ads (which has a factor to how fast  you test, learn and profit).

So, how long it takes depends primarily on YOUR effort, then how much budget you put in but also on how well your Product, Audience, Offer and Funnel is ready for Facebook ads.

It’s in your control, I’m simply bringing the path.

Why is CBO important? My ad set budgets do fine

And as I learned, CBO is NOT simply moving budgets to campaign level.

If applied with a system it is totally a game changer for most. For me, it means spending LESS time editing budgets, LESS time watching my ad account whilst making profits more consistently.

Will it work for my business?

If you run ads in Ecom, Info Products or Lead Gen, this works. We’ve directly tested this.

Students are seeing success with subscription products, local lead ads, mobile apps and branding campaigns.

Is it truly step by step, Do-It-Yourself?

This training is part step-by-step implementation, but I’ve also spent a quarter of the training teaching you everything you need to know about CBO, the auction system and why my system works.

Like any good chef, the power is in experimentation and customisation. 

For some, you’ll be successful using it exactly as prescribed.

For others, you’ll test and adapt.

The constant is you. You know your particular business better than I do.

Is there support if I have questions?

I priced this as a low as I could, to reach as many people as I could that needed this whilst making it worthwhile for me. I run a Facebook community of over 10,000 like minded marketers with over 1,000 students already in the program, so that’s available to you if you wish. It’s an amazing community.

I could have included my and my team’s support, but would have had to price this much higher.

If you need personal or tailored support then you can reach out to my team hello@depeshmandalia.com 

My Guarantee To You

I usually try to avoid guarantees which focus on refunds.

It’s often an easy exit for those that don’t want to put the effort in.

But here’s what I’ll offer you.

1) Invest the $297 today.

2) Scan through the training (the ebook, Q&A video  and transcript material). You have THREE DAYS (72 hours) to see if  what I’ve explained to you here is true.

3) If you believe this is not $297 value – if you feel you cannot use this to at least 10X, if not 100X and more the $297 investment – then apply for a full refund by emailing my team within 72 hours of purchase (hello@depeshmandalia.com)

Over 1,000 people have already invested in The Ultimate CBO Cookbook.

(You’ll see more from them in testimonial retargeting ads soon, unless you invest! 😬)

You are one of 7 million advertisers on the platform.

Don’t be one of many.

Be one of the minority that KNOWS how to make Facebook ads work for you.

The Ultimate CBO Cookbook: The Hungry Facebook Marketer’s Action-Packed Survival Guide To Consistent Profit And Scaling With Campaign Budget Optimisation.

Are You Ready For Wildly Profitable Growth, Right Now?