What Spending $50M on Facebook Ads Teaches You About Scaling – Andrew Foxwell & Depesh Mandalia

Andrew is the co-founder of Foxwell Digital, a Facebook and Instagram paid advisory company, with his wife Gracie. He’s been running Facebook ads since they were invented, spent over $50 million on the Facebook platform and has helped scale brands like Blenders, Pura Vida, Bryan Anthonys, and FitBit. He’s also the co-host of the Ecommerce Influence Podcast, where they’ve just surpassed 20,000 downloads per month. Oh and recently the podcast was recommended by Facebook!

Top Questions 

  • What was your entry point into Facebook ads? How did you fall into this crazy world?
  • What has been your biggest or your biggest success, but the one you’re most proud of as well?
  • But how did your connection with Jon Loomer happen? And how did that develop?
  • So when it comes to creative, how do you help clients understand what you actually need for Facebook?


The Facebook Ads POWER HOUR Show featuring Jon Loomer's right hand man, Andrew Foxwell! He's an established agency owner of 6 years and runs the highly successful Ecommerce Influence podcast.Listen in as we discuss strategies and tactics you should be using right now to better profit and scale your ad accounts!

Posted by Depesh Mandalia on Wednesday, 17 April 2019


An interesting conversation Andrew and I had; regarding his entry point into Facebook Ads:

 What was your entry point into Facebook ads? How did you fall into this crazy world?

Andrew: Yeah, so I fell into the world of Facebook advertising, I actually was a congressional press secretary in the US Congress, for a member of congress from Minnesota and there was a new rule in a committee that changed that allowed members of Congress to advertise online. And one of the places they could advertise using their official budget, which wasn’t, which is a taxpayer funded budget to run their office was, traditionally they can only send out glossy mail pieces. And one of the places they could now do it through this new change was on Facebook. And Facebook was a brand new thing. Nobody knew what was what it did. So I then helped kind of get that golf going for my member of Congress, and then realise that a lot of my friends needed help. So I left and started an agency sort of in another government contractor and in the United States in Washington, DC. And I helped members of Congress, on their Facebook pages very early on. And so that’s where I got my start.

Depesh: I don’t know if you can see the comments at the bottom of the screen, Adrian’s saying you should’ve run the ads for Obama.


2:25 Andrew introduction
4:08 What was Andrew’s entry point into Facebook ads and how did he fall into this crazy world?
6:40 What’s been his biggest success?
9:15 Benefits of keeping an agency, small.
13:12 Andrew’s connection with Jon Loomer
15:50 Views on Facebook Ads in 2019
30:41 Helping clients understand creative needs for Facebook Ads
46:20 Q&A Segment

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